10. Burgermeisterschieben with the schutzen reiterswiesen

10. Burgermeisterschieben with the schutzen reiterswiesen

With the regional championship the sportschutzen reiterswiesen have taken the second hurdle to be able to participate in the lower franconian, the bavarian and the german championship. With 24 disciplines, the schutzenverein is broadly positioned.

70 individuals and 14 teams competed in the regional championships. 21 gold medals, 16 silver medals and 14 bronze medals were won. Sports director burkhard voll was very satisfied with the performance of his sports comrades.

This year also saw the club celebrate a small anniversary. For 10. For the first time, the burgermeisterschieben was held in the schutzenhaus reiterswiesen. It had been organized for all officials of the city of bad kissingen. The town of bad kissingen entered two teams, and the bad kissingen police also sent two teams into the race. The police 1 team finished in 7th place. Place and the team from the city of bad kissingen 1 took 8th place. Place. Among the teams, the schutzenverein reiterswiesen took first place, followed by schutzenverein bad kissingen 1 and schutzenverein bad kissingen 2.

A total of eleven teams took part, each with three shooters. Mayor toni schick was able to nominate the 12. Place for themselves. After the push, he handed out the trophies and certificates to the first-place winners.

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