The Future and How it Excites Me and Fiercely Irritates Me

I have been struggling with what to do with myself after I get a degree. Until I get that degree, I can distract myself with getting a degree. I can go to class and do homework and work part-time jobs that are pretty fun, and busy myself with endless other teams and activities. Go, go, go.

But then, in May, the powers that be will kick me into the world and let me loose because I’ve listened to enough lectures and written enough papers and they’re sick of it and I’m sick of it and we all think it’d be best if I left and did something with myself. WHAT that something will be is where I get stuck.
Everybody gets stuck sometimes.

So here is my list — I enjoy:
Good (delightful, cozy, classy – lots of different things are “good”) environments/atmospheres
Performing good music with people I like
Being with people
Making people happy
Talking (at sometimes alarming speeds-preferably with periodic responses from a good friend)
White wine or anything in a martini glass
Things that are darling and/or awesome
Laughing at Jokes

So that is what I have to work with. And that is just what I enjoy. That list will narrow down if we only keep what I am actually good at. And let us keep in mind that I would prefer to make money from these things.
I’m starting to think I am a dreamer and not a realist. Actually, no. I am definitely a dreamer and not a realist. Even reality becomes more bearable if you can leave some of the dream in there. The most exciting part of my life is the part I haven’t lived yet. In that life I am in the city, walking without pain in high heels, and sporting a scarf that gives me just enough “hipster” to please me. I have a handsome and loving husband holding one hand and a hot vanilla soy latte in the other, with my ukulele strapped across my back. We are walking to my job (I haven’t figured that part out yet, okay?! Quit pressuring me.) But first we are stopping by the farmer’s market to pick up some food for dinner (in the future, I cook) and my handsome and loving husband also buys me a homeade pastry there because he knows I will always prefer food over flowers.

In the present, I am fighting a cold and procrastinating on a book report.
I am, and will always choose to be, a dreamer.

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