The Adventurous Life of a Meandering Rambler

I love having adventures.
I really enjoyed my senior year of college because I was able to have a lot of them. While I do not condone skipping class…it certainly worked for me. I would skip class and take the drive to downtown Austin, or maybe stay closer to home and check out a greenbelt. Either way, I took skipping class very seriously. One did not skip class to watch TV or read a book. One should only skip class to have an adventure.
I can’t skip class anymore.
Simply speaking, work has to happen so that I can eat too much food and drink too much coffee. However, it also has to happen so that things get done because people are counting on me and I actually have a purpose given to me, instead of constantly trying to find one. It’s not cool to skip that.
So I’ve made up an intense, specific, and complicated procedure to have more adventures. It’s really what I’ve been doing the whole time, but I am intentional about it now.
Here it is:
Call things an adventure.

You’re welcome.

Maybe I just have a hyperactive imagination, but it really works for me. For instance, on Wednesday there was a bug in my apartment. A very LARGE bug which for four whole hours I was convinced was a cockroach. And while it could have just been a traumatic evening for me, instead it was an adventure. It became an epic four hour battle with this evil bug being. He would attack, then I would attack. At one point my neighbor got involved. There were battle cries and weapons of limited destruction.
Now, I definitely had the upper hand in this particular battle because I am a jillion times larger than a bug. However, if a giant has the heeby-jeebies and a bug doesn’t seem to have any tact or boundaries, suddenly the margin of difference decreases incredibly. We were neck and neck for hours.
In the end, two shoes, some bug killer, and a vacuum took him down.
What an adventure!
And these adventures happen everyday now! The adventure of choosing a coffee shop. The adventure of walking around my neighborhood. The adventure of the laundromat.
You may think my adventures are very mundane.
You are correct.
However, I will take what I can get. And at this stage of life I’m in, these are the adventures I’ve been given. And life is such an interesting and beautiful adventure that each stage of it must be brimming with adventures if we look for them! In my favor, I have been blessed with the imagination of a small child with too much time and too few friends. Things can get pretty wild in there. And calling something an adventure is all I really need to think up magical possibilities in the midst of the most mundane daily tasks.

Happy adventuring, everyone 🙂

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