I Am From…

Here is just one wee bit of a goodie I was able to take home from the Storyline conference last week. If you’ve ever struggled with finding your voice or wondering “who you are,” and running through a field in a beautiful flowy dress didn’t help the way you thought it would, I suggest trying this “I Am From” poem template as well. As much as I love Texas and Tennessee, cities and mountains, the mid-Michigan country side is where my roots were planted and even though I say “y’all” now it’s only because it is such a helpful time-saver when talking about nothing at alarming speeds. 


I Am From…

I am from a little blue farmhouse with red shutters, from a little wooden table with four white chairs.

I am from sunflowers, tire swings, and whippoorwills in trees.

I am from baking on snow days and big blue eyes, from dancing with the willow tree and loud, loud laughter.

I am from Susan and Greg, Amanda and Ellen, from sarcasm and interruptions, long stories and funny endings.

I am from “five more minutes” and “one more chapter,” from “leave a room better than you found it” and “we’re going on an adventure!”

I am from running around church in bare feet and dirty dresses, from picnics at the farm and parties for every occasion.

I’m from Bullock Creek pride and Lutheran tradition, Finke Farm burgers, and too many vegetables.

From dad grilling in his winter coat, in the dark, in the garage, in the snow, so that we can have steak for dinner. From mom dancing to silly songs and asking us to join.

I am from big yards and an old barn, from cross-country road trips and tubs of Schwan’s ice cream. I am from the smell of rain and horse manure, from paper dolls and basketball. I am from laughter and love and what girl could ask to be from more.

2 thoughts on “I Am From…

  1. Karen Meinhart says:

    Yup…you nailed it….a wash of memories just swept over me….from a few years of observing these wild and crazy antics!!!

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