My Favorite Things: Blogs

I. Love. Blogs.
I love to read them. I love to follow their creators on Instagram. I love to laugh and cry with them and wear all the same clothes as them. Well. Actually, I love to wear the off-brand knock-offs but who needs to know, you know?

If you too love blogs, and need some fresh ones for your toilet scrolls and airport hangs, here are a few of my absolute faves to check out:


For Jesus and the Feels:

Sarah Bessey: I swear I cry in every one of her posts. Not from sadness… maybe from beauty? I don’t know but she gives me the feels, friends.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary: Shut the front door. This chick. Dang. For the record, she would’ve said none of those fake cuss words just then. She would’ve pulled in full throttle with the real stuff. But not just the real cuss words – the real faith. The kind that is messy and gritty. She stands up for the weak and is unashamedly herself – forgiven and loved by God. And also loved by me but I get that that’s different and I’m not going to get weird about it, okay? Calm down.

The Church Planting Wife: I am not a wife or a church planter and I still love this blog dearly. If you are either of these things you might even like it more. She is vulnerable and wise and ugh, I can’t even handle it. Check it out.

Married in Ministry: If you’re reading this blog saying, “Man, this girl seems just great and adorable,” you would be right because she is. I love her honesty about faith and ministry as we all wobble through life together.

Storyline: This blog is a space full of writings from some of my very favorite people. New content is abundant, the posts are generally pretty short, and chock full of wisdom, humor, and just plain ol’ good stuff. You can explore there for awhile.

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For Style and General Life Envy:

New Darlings: Gooooooooal[s]! Seriously. Her hair. Their apartment. Their vacations. I love it all. Most notably for me: she is short, so when she posts her favorite clothes for shorties, I am all over that. Maxi dresses no longer have to be my kryptonite!

Offbeat+Inspired: This girl. She is my favorite person to follow on Instagram, hands down. Her blog has all things DIY, baking, fashion, etc. and is based in Nashville, one of my favorite cities. But friends, what I love most about this blog/account is the way she invites us into her story. So much so, that when her boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident in the spring of 2016, I cried for this stranger. Cried. Watching her journey through loss and heartbreak to healing and community has/is beautiful.

Sugar and Cloth: This Houston based blog is impressive if for no other reason than she always looks bright and adorable in the heat and humidity of Houston, Texas. Props, girl. Also, she decorates macarons in the most delightful ways – honestly, you have to see for yourself.

The Gold Atlas: I went to college with Adriana and honestly should have pinned her down and forced her to go shopping with me then. Darn my unaggressive tendencies. This Austin based fashion blogger is all things goals with the best looks in the best city on the planet.

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