The Potential Impact of Pints

Over the last couple of weeks, a few of my friends’ lives have gone nuts.
Like, y’all don’t even know.

As my life has been going oddly smoothly, (does life going smoothly give anyone else anxiety? Like WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TOPPLE, YOU SWEET TOWER OF GOODNESS? Treading carefully in this happiness…) I’ve been asking God to help me be a good friend.

I love how He does this, by the way. He gives us to each other and then throws us hard seasons at different times – essentially allowing us to take turns as the mentally stable one, fully aware that it’s impossible for one human to be mentally stable 100% of the time. Praise.


Just takin’ turns. You know, findin’ balance.

Anyway, back to my story:

I was asking God to help me be a good friend. Having people I love hundreds of miles away puts a whole new twist on friendship which I’m still learning to maneuver. But even when it comes to friends right within an arm’s reach – I need discernment on when to listen vs. when to advise, when to barge in and when to hold back, when to bring a pint of Halo Top ice cream and when to… just kidding. I’m quite aware that Halo Top ice cream is always a good idea.
(Once, after a breakup, two friends brought me one pint of every Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor available and I still look back on that as the all-time best way I’ve ever been loved ever ever ever and honestly, I highly doubt it will ever be topped.)


But any food works, really. Pizza. Chinese. Cookies. Grapes. Lol jkjk I obviously mean wine. All perfectly adequate alternatives.

My favorite way for God to answer prayers is for him to shake my shoulders and say “THIS IS THE OBVIOUS ANSWER,” and then poof back to heaven. However, as this happens annoyingly rarely, my second favorite way is for him to speak subtly through friends.

On this particular morning, there were a few of us huddled on the couch of a coffeeshop. We have to do early morning hangs because in the sea of lifestyles and rhythms adulthood brings, there is not a single evening that consistently works for the majority.

Life is ridiculous.
And since life had also recently gone nuts, huddled around coffee and pastries, we prayed.

The words my sweet friend spoke to our Father were perfect. Poetic. But I forgot them. So bear with me here. It was something along the lines of: Let us bring your Kingdom to earth in small ways.

We know we should love in small ways. We know this. “Small things with great love” is painted on trendily distressed wooden planks all over the country. But do we actively pray for small opportunities? I know I pray for life change and transformation; I ask God for specific answers; I ask him to reveal my life’s great purpose; I ask God to help me be the BESTEST FRIEND EVER.

But small things.


This morning at the Farmer’s Market, I stopped by my favorite bakery’s booth and they remembered me from the year before. Once I decided not to be SHOCKED and APPALLED by that (I could actively feel my waist line rolling her eyes at me) I was touched. It’s nice to be remembered.
Small things.
And then I went to another booth to buy a pint of blueberries (almost entirely because the bakery REMEMBERED ME after a YEAR and so I felt VERY CONVICTED to buy healthy things.) As she was packing up the berries, her eye caught a huge one in a different pint. “Oh my, that one’s big and juicy. Let’s throw that in there as well.”

She picked up the blueberry and plopped it in my pint.

A small thing.
But it was so adorable and sweet and special to me.
My heart could just barely deal.

Life is nuts, y’all. So maybe we don’t worry about the big things just yet.
Maybe we stick with small things.
A text message.
A prayer.
A pint of Halo Top ice cream.
A pint of craft beer.
A pint of blueberries.

Pint-sized things impact me. I’m pretty sure they impact you. So let’s receive them. Let’s do them. Let’s pray for them.
And let’s eat more ice cream with people.

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