HGTV and Spontaneity

I love spontaneity.
However, it’s become harder and harder to actually live in that reality. I say I love spontaneity, but then people say, “Come over! I’m lighting a bonfire and there are marshmallows involved!” And I respond with, “Oh! Nice! Definitely next time!” because I am either three blankets deep on the couch watching Parks and Rec OR I am still in, horror of horrors, JEANS out in public, in meetings, working, (or most frequently) eating, etc.


I only eat a few pop tarts every night and cheese on everything and have a generally sedentary lifestyle, so I don’t understand why I’m not skinny???

This is particularly frustrating because I’m still in the age where spontaneity is supposed to be readily achievable. I am young! I am fun! I have no toddlers! I have no husband! I have no friends! Just kidding on that last one; I got carried away. I have a friend. (Hi, Mom!)
I do, however, have these things called, “vacation days,” which sound fun but actually are restrictive chains that more adultier adults put on us millennials so that we can be “responsible employees” and “get our work done,” and other foreign phrases like these. You know how DARE used to tell us to say no to drugs and stay in school? They were right. Stay in school. FOREVER.

Again, just kidding. Truthfully, there are no exams in adulthood and I do not remember my last all-nighter (I could never hang) so adulthood sorta rules. I have, however, been seeking more opportunities for spontaneity. Random experiences. Saying yes to fun and obscure things.

Enter: HGTV.

Y’all. When I was in fifth grade, we got Direct TV for the very first time on our little farmhouse in Michigan. After years of hide-and-seek in the barn, swinging on the tire swing, and playing in the tree house, we could FINALLY have the childhood of our dreams – watching Nickelodeon cartoons.
The real reason we finally got Direct TV after years of nothing was not to watch Nickelodeon – it was because Susan Finke could simply not deal anymore. She needed HGTV.
HGTV was the savior of my fifth grade popularity and it has had a soft spot in my heart ever since. AND ITS HEADQUARTERS ARE IN KNOXVILLE, TN.


It’s chill I’M CHILL.

When my sweet friend Megan asked me if I wanted to be on an episode of a new Facebook crafting show, I laughed because WOAH I am not a crafter. But I also said yes because spontaneity and experiences and HGTV.
Turns out, I didn’t even have to be a crafter. I had to be a “confident newbie.” (That’s a whole other blog post waiting to happen, let me tell you. Stay freakin tuned.)

I confidently made my craft despite not knowing how to use paint markers, a drill, or the scissor-esque thing I needed to shorten a chain. And then I confidently took home my opponent’s craft instead of mine because she didn’t want it and it was lightyears more adorable than my streaky mess.

Y’all, say yes. Spontaneity is hard. I hear it gets even harder. But it doesn’t have to look like a month-long trip across France. It can look like a Tuesday making crafts for a show on Facebook. It can look like a bonfire at your friend’s house. It can look like a trip to the top of a parking garage for a killer view.
So say yes. Even if you have to awkwardly ask for a day off. Even if you have to use a power tool despite little to no knowledge. Even if your hair looks sorta like a mullet on camera.

Say yes.

And watch Clash of the Crafters here.


Check out these awesome boss babes: Maria Antoinette killin it at the host game (and, like, every other thing too) and the ever sweet Paloma who creates the most beautiful designs and also creates cool cheese grate things one of which is in my kitchen. 

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