Meanderings in Nashville

There’s one mid-south town I’m asked about more than any others: Nashville.
I think this is partly because a great deal of people are under the impression I live there.

I don’t.

I live in KNOXville, Tennessee, a little under three hours east.
But it’s fine.



Luckily, for the many people who ask for recommendations, I also adore Nashville and have spent many a weekend in the home of country music.

Also luckily, there’s way more than country music.

giphy (1).gif

no disrespect to the QUEEN.

SO here’s one way (out of many, many, many) to spend a day in Nashville, TN:

giphy (2).gif

Or forget this list entirely and just stalk the cast of “Nashville.” Also an acceptable route.

9am: Ah, yes. It’s time for the superior meal: breakfast.
I like to find myself at Sky Blue Cafe. They have an item called “Em’s Bowl” on the menu so, as an Emilie, I feel contractually obligated to eat, enjoy, and endorse that.
The small, eclectic space has delicious food and makes you feel like you stumbled upon a gem no one else knows about (despite it being cram packed.)

10am: Next it’s time for coffee. The options here are quite literally endless. My absolute hands-down favorite is Steadfast Coffee in Germantown. I had the best cup of coffee in my life there and I remember it like it was yesterday. They also have adorable outdoor seating, excellent presentation, and delicious small-bites.
Honorable Mentions:
Barista Parlor
Frothy Monkey on 12th South

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 4.39.44 PM.png

Steadfast Coffee: image borrowed from

12pm: Now that you’re very caffeinated, it’s time to do some true meandering. I (and every other 18-35 year old woman in the country apparently) love to walk around the 12th South neighborhood. There are plenty of shops to explore, a cupcake ATM, juices, tacos, etc.
I particularly love Vinnie Louise because they have absolutely darling clothes AND they’re affordable which is my favorite combo.
But you also won’t want to miss White’s Mercantile, Imogene + Willie, and my actual favorite: Savant Vintage. That place is a goldmine.
12th South is also home to the famous “I Believe in Nashville” mural, so make sure you’re lookin’ fab for that inevitable photo.


you know, fab like us, obviously.

3pm: So you probably need to get downtown at least once while you’re in Nashville, right? You’ll want to stroll down Broadway to get a good dose of the country music Nashville is so famous for. There are endless shops, bars, and live music – the Ryman theater is also down there along with the Country Music Hall of Fame and plenty of music-themed museums.
Tip: I suggest checking out Broadway during the day and getting all the fun honky-tonk vibes then. Once the sun goes down, Broadway turns into party-central so enter at your own risk!

5pm: You’re hungry by now, right? Head to Pinewood Social. Trust me. They have an awesome menu, delicious cocktails, bowling, and most importantly – you feel instantly cooler upon walking inside. You just do. I can’t explain it. It is hands-down one of the coolest spaces I have ever entered.

7pm: Hopefully you’re booked for a concert or two. If not, head to one of Nashville’s many breweries.
Here are a few of our faves:
Fat Bottom Brewery (Hello, cornhole. This place is designed for relaxing, lengthy hangs.)
Bearded Iris Brewing (the atmosphere and beers are both fantastic and you can watch the whole brewing process while you sip.)
Black Abbey Brewery (I could drink the Rose all day.)
These are all in different areas of town so explore, my friends!

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 4.10.23 PM.png

Bearded Iris – image borrowed from Nashville Guru.

There is PLENTY more to do in this town and more things popping up everyday, so don’t let this one itty bitty list limit you! I would leave lots of space for meandering through neighborhoods like Germantown and East Nashville. I’ve stumbled upon free outdoor concerts, Farmer’s Markets, even wine festivals in this pretty city simply because we had no agenda.


Tip 1: I would leave lots of space for lines because wow – this town is crowded. (I personally love a good weekday trip to this city to avoid the extra crowds.)

Tip 2: There are a lot of bloggers and bachelorette parties in this city. This means there are a lot of really beautiful people. This also means there are crowds around every minutely popular mural. Have your good side ready when your turn comes!

Tip 3: Head to Nashville Guru before planning any subsequent trips to Nashville. Trust me. That website rules.

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