Among pirates

A great spa now awaits the children in the aqua-riese pool. "Adam’s pirate world was opened.
The elementary school children of the ivo hennemann school were delighted to take possession of their indoor playground. Up to 22 children can let off steam on 31 square meters of floor space. 15 play elements with spiked roller, triangular knuff sack, crazy face or tube slide offer opportunity for it. Mayor jurgen kohmann and the youth representative of the city council, holger then, were enthusiastic.
"An upgrade of our "adam-riese-bad", finds the mayor. The range of recreational facilities has been expanded. The aim is also to appeal to young families.
Holger then explained that in addition to soccer and basketball in the open air, something has also been done for the toddlers. Principal gudrun mackert, who pulled her youngsters out of the wet element, was also impressed by "adam’s pirate world" impressed: "an additional offer that is sure to be well received."
Martin luders, managing director of freizeit gmbh, noted that "the former solarium areas have been converted into new facilities. Besides the health risks, the economic efficiency was also a reason to remove them." adam riese acts as a leader for the first time and will play a bigger role in and around the bath in the future. Luders pointed to a youthful likeness of the computational artist at the entrance to "adam’s pirate world to.
The picture is not adorned with a beard, only the hat and boots are taken from the original. In his hands he holds a fork and a telescope, in the red sparpe is a so-called glass shard, the dagger of a pirate. The installation cost 33,000 euros, which is shared equally by the city as the owner and freizeit gmbh as the operator of the pool.

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