Asv looks to the future with optimism

Asv looks to the future with optimism

At the members’ meeting of ASV hollfeld, the re-elected chairman hans-peter hartl looked to the future with optimism despite the current pandemic situation. The association has "overcome the mountain" in 2019 and continues to be on a positive consolidation course. The financial situation can make confident. Structurally and athletically, too, the view is directed forward.

Chairman hartl described the organization of the BR bike tour on the sports grounds as a highlight: "that was advertising for hollfeld, far beyond the county limits." the ASV had recruited here to this topevent also the coarse helper crowd, so that this does the association financially in corona times visibly well. After this event, some repairs had to be carried out on the sports ground, which will be completed in the near future.

Men’s teams on a good way

Second chairman jurgen kraub reported that both men’s teams have arrived well in the new leagues after their promotions last season. The first team plays even in the front table range with. It is evident that the chosen path of relying on local players is once again proving to be the right one, which makes kraub very optimistic for the future.

The treasurer monika kraus thanked the players in particular for resisting financial temptations and remaining loyal to the ASV, and then reported on a solid, but not opulent financial basis. "We will have to continue to budget well in the near future", reminded them of the need for prudence despite good prospects.

Bornschlegel third chairman

In the new elections, the assembly, chaired by election leader and mayor hartmut stern, decided to re-elect the board for a period of one year for the purpose of reorientation and integration of new mandate holders. Hans-peter hartl was confirmed in his office as first chairman as well as jurgen kraub as second chairman.

For a long time it was possible to elect a third chairman: thomas bornschlegel, one of the driving forces of the last years, will take over this task in the future. He will also be the head of the football department, assisted by alexander jakoby, the head of the team.

Treasurer is still monika kraub. Anja stern was elected secretary, markus tauber is deputy secretary. Cashiers are still konrad fick and kurt kauper. The important position of youth director is held by holger lube in tandem with anja stern.

In addition, table tennis thomas appel, nordic walking christine bauer, gymnastics christa bayer and badminton edgar wolf were appointed as department heads. In the future, herbert grobmann will take over the function of the honorary commissioner. Also the sponsoring and the care of the advertising partners will be revived with christoph mrusek. Jurgen furst continues to be in charge of running the sports center. The meeting appointed erich hoch as sports home caretaker and michael will as groundsman. The task of the treasurer will be shared by jurgen kruk, gerd mache and kurt kauper. In the future, the entertainment director will be reiner schuberth. Andreas brehm continues to head the old men’s division.

As a crowning conclusion, the members unanimously confirmed konrad keilholz, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation, as their club president.

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