Band without a name raises eyebrows

Band without a name raises eyebrows

As soloists as well as in ensembles the young musicians and singers performed various pieces from classical music, chamber music, but also from the world of musical and rock. The matinee was opened by a clarinet quartet playing "annchen von tharau" by friedrich silcher and "alleweil ein wenig lustig" (always a little funny) by valentin rathgeber. Other pieces were.A. The ballad "pour adeline, which was played by franziska janson on the piano, or the concert op. 35 in b minor by oskar rieding, played by melanie frenzlein on the violin.

A guitar duo, flute solo and vocal pieces were also part of the tight and varied concert, in which a total of 19 students from the music school took part. Presentations by soloists and. Small groups formed the first part of the matinee, before the newly founded band of the music school ebern was heard afterwards.

The still young group was already the wish of ulrike zeidler, the predecessor of the principal of the music school, jurgen roeder. She has approached ebern business people to ask for financial support. 800 euros were collected for the equipment of the band, which has been rehearsing regularly since january. The result was convincing in every respect.

With reinforcement by the singers kathrin habermann and tabea grosser the band played "waiting on the world to change" by john mayer. Nele irmler then took over the vocal part of the well-known hit "smooth" on the violin by carlos santana. The core line-up of the band consists of simon arnold (drums), simon schleicher (bass), marco buschel and daniel genslein (electric guitar). All musicians of this group are between 15 and 19 years old and from the region in and around ebern. The band is led by music teachers georg zech (guitar) and markus graser (drums).

During the summer matinee, the band gave its second performance after the talent stage in habfurt. However, the band does not yet have a name. Considerations about this are already in progress, says roeder.

"Music is a medium that unites many cultures" announced mayor robert hermann. "All those who are able to play an instrument have it easier in life and find contacts more easily."
Whether playing the various instruments or singing, solo or in an ensemble – all the young musicians performed at a very high level. Even the excitement before the rough performance or the short-term exchange of the piano because of a stuck key could not bring the actors out of the calm. This concert is a proof of the work that is done in the music school.

When asked what motivates a young girl to learn the violin, nele irmler replied: "I have always liked mozart and have often listened to his cds. That was the trigger for me to learn the violin and I still enjoy it." despite the excitement before her performance, she mastered it with aplomb.

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