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Construction financing for the self-employed: from which banks you can obtain loans?

As a self-employed person, it is often difficult to get a loan for financing a home. Banks tend to consider the income of self-employed people as more uncertain than that of employees. In addition, it can be more difficult to provide evidence of income and creditworthiness.
But despite these difficulties, there are banks that offer loans for the self-employed. To find the best options, you should carefully compare the offers of different banks. In this article, we will examine which banks offer loans for the self-employed and what conditions they offer.
If you are self-employed and want to finance a home, this article is an important first step. We will help you get the necessary information to find the best options for your construction financing.

The difficulties of construction financing for the self-employed

Self-employed people often find it difficult to obtain construction financing because they do not have a regular income. Unlike employees who draw a monthly salary, self-employed people’s income often fluctuates and is not always predictable.


The most important regulations in the maternity protection act

The most important regulations in the Maternity Protection Act

The Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) regulates the protection of mothers and expectant mothers in the workplace. The legislation aims to ensure that pregnant women, as well as mothers who are breastfeeding, have the best possible protection from health risks and discrimination in the workplace.

The law is mandatory for all employers and aims to protect the health of mothers and children and ensure that they are not disadvantaged during this phase of their lives. The provisions of the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) aim to promote working conditions for women during pregnancy and after childbirth.


Ensinger gmbh – engineering plastics

Ensinger GmbH is a leading manufacturer of engineering plastics headquartered in Nufringen, Germany. The company was founded in 1966 and has grown over the past decades into a multinational corporation with subsidiaries and production facilities in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

With over 2.With 500 employees worldwide and an extensive product portfolio, Ensinger GmbH offers its customers innovative solutions in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and many other industries.


Bverfg: obligation to contribute to health and long-term care insurance for benefits paid by a pension fund

In a recent ruling, the Federal Constitutional Court has deemed the obligation to pay contributions to health and long-term care insurance for benefits from a pension fund to be unconstitutional. The ruling applies in particular to people who receive benefits from a pension fund and have to pay contributions to the statutory social insurance schemes in return.

The court’s decision was issued in a lawsuit brought by a former employee of a telecommunications company. The plaintiff had made contributions to a pension fund on the basis of a company agreement and in return received a lifelong retirement pension and a disability pension. However, he also had to pay contributions to the statutory health and long-term care insurance on these benefits.


Concerted action on care in lower saxony: practical measures to improve the quality of care

The Concerted Action on Care was launched in Lower Saxony to improve the quality of care in the region. A wide-ranging initiative aims to take action to provide the best possible care for those in need of care. The focus is on improvements in both medical care and support in everyday life.
The action was launched by politicians and experts to meet the steadily growing demand for nursing services in the state. The program includes a wide range of measures, from recruiting nursing staff and improving working conditions to optimizing communication and cooperation between those in need of care, relatives, nursing staff and professionals.
The goal of the Concerted Action is to improve the quality of care in the state in the long term and to meet the increasing demands on care services. Targeted measures are to be taken to provide trustworthy, expert care that meets the individual needs of those in need of care.

The reasons for the Concerted Action on Care

The Concerted Action on Nursing is an initiative launched to tackle the nursing shortage in Lower Saxony. One of the main causes of this emergency is demographic change. Rising life expectancy is leading to an increase in older people who need support with vital tasks such as eating, dressing and personal hygiene.


New rules for the self-employed with voluntary statutory health insurance

From 01.01.In 2018, new rules will apply to self-employed persons who are voluntarily insured under the statutory health insurance scheme. These mainly concern the amount of the contributions and the basis of calculation. Find out who is affected and how the changes will affect you here.

Until now, contributions for self-employed persons with voluntary statutory health insurance were calculated on the basis of last year’s income. However, this will change as of 2018. In future, contributions will be calculated on the basis of the current income situation. This means that contributions may rise more quickly as income increases. Contributions are no longer adjusted retroactively, but are due immediately.