Lawyer’s career: success in the legal profession is no coincidence

The profession of a lawyer has always stood for concentrated expertise, negotiating skills and assertiveness. But what does the career of a successful lawyer look like and what qualities do prospective fully qualified lawyers bring with them on their way?? In this interview with Christina Wenz, a fully qualified lawyer and mediator from Kaiserslautern, the successful lawyer tells us about her career and offers valuable tips for aspiring lawyers.

Lawyer's career: Success in the legal profession is no coincidence (Interview with Christina Wenz, fully qualified lawyer and mediator from Kaiserslautern)

As a fully qualified lawyer and mediator, Christina Wenz has successfully represented numerous clients and steadily advanced her career. But how did she manage to gain a foothold in this demanding profession and continuously grow her skills? In our interview, the experienced attorney provides insights into her personal strategies for success and shares her views on what it takes to succeed in the legal profession.


Franka potente: paternity mystery finally solved!

Franka Potente, the German actress known for her appearances in international films like "The Bourne Identity" and "Run Lola Run" has finally solved the mystery of her paternity.

For many years, Franka Potente has been trying to find out the identity of her biological father and has finally made a breakthrough after having a DNA analysis done.


Dietmar strehl: “i can’t represent that”

Dietmar Strehl is one of the best-known personalities in the German business world. The former manager of Germany’s largest corporation, Siemens, is a man of principle and has never hesitated to speak out in the past.

In a recent interview, Strehl expressed his views regarding the current trend in business: outsourcing jobs to countries with lower labor costs. Strehl stressed that he could not support this trend and was not willing to sacrifice his moral values in order to make short-term profits.


Leipzig: lawyer allegedly mistreated in hotel

A lawyer claims to have been the victim of a physical attack at a hotel in Leipzig, Germany. The man stated that he was attacked and abused by three men. The attack allegedly took place in the hotel lobby after the attorney complained about a noise disturbance.

Police have launched an investigation and are looking for witnesses who observed the incident. The lawyer himself suffered minor injuries during the attack and had to receive medical treatment.


Sudkurve fan organization protests against new stadium in cologne

In Cologne, the planned construction of a new soccer stadium is causing great debate and protests. In particular, the fan organization Sudkurve vehemently opposes the project and criticizes the decision-makers of the 1. FC Cologne.

The South Bend is one of the club’s largest fan groups and has made a name for itself in the past with its raucous chants and choreography. But now it’s no longer about supporting the team, but about protecting the old Rheinenergy stadium.


Alexandra ehlert’s passion for montessori education

Alexandra Ehlert's passion for Montessori education

For many parents and teachers, Montessori education is a concept that offers an alternative method to mainstream education. In Germany in particular, there is a growing number of schools and kindergartens that use Montessori methods. An outstanding pioneer in this field is Alexandra Ehlert, a German teacher and school principal.

Alexandra Ehlert has specialized heavily in Montessori education throughout her career and founded her own school focused on these methods. She believes that Montessori education enables children to grow and develop in an open and positive learning environment. Her students learn through hands-on activities and the use of specially designed materials that allow them to pursue their own learning pace and interests.