The most important egyptian gods and goddesses

Egyptian mythology is one of the oldest traditions of mankind and has lost none of its fascination to this day. The deities play a central role in this belief system and are an important part of the cultural history of the land on the Nile. Egyptian gods and goddesses were diverse and usually had multiple manifestations.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the gods created the cosmos and were responsible for the continuation and flourishing of nature and society. The gods and goddesses were worshipped to gain their benevolence and to protect themselves from evil forces. Each place had its own patron saint, who had special qualities and abilities. Thus there were gods of the sky, earth, water and air. Sometimes they had human form, sometimes they appeared as animals or as mixed creatures of humans and animals.
This article presents the most important Egyptian gods and goddesses that have played a central role in Egyptian culture and religion over the millennia. Learn more about the different figures, their meaning and mythological adventures.

The most important Egyptian gods and goddesses

One of the most important Egyptian gods was Ra, the god of the sun. Ra was often depicted as a powerful king who drove the sun in the sky and ruled the world. In ancient Egyptian religion, Ra was the creator of the universe and the father of all gods and goddesses.


Lying in the application process – why it is more than just a trivial offense

A new job often comes with many challenges. Applicants need to stand out from the competition and usually go through several steps in the application process. Good preparation is the key. But is it also acceptable to lie in the process?? Many applicants resort to dishonest methods to improve their chances of being hired. But what are the consequences?

Unfortunately, spreading lies is common in the application process. However, this is a serious offense that is both morally and legally problematic. Studies have shown that about one in three applicants makes false statements in their resume. But the truth usually comes out eventually.


A new chapter in the history of our school

We are full of pride and joy to announce the grand opening of our brand new school building. A new era begins for our students, teachers and all school personnel.

The new school building offers modern facilities and technologies such as smart classrooms, computer labs and workshops, libraries and even an outdoor amphitheater. It is a place of innovation where students can learn and grow to achieve their goals.


Attention! Fire and explosion hazards associated with electric car batteries

Electric cars are in vogue, as they are more environmentally friendly than traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines. However, they also bring certain risks, especially in terms of accumulators.

One of the biggest concerns related to electric vehicles is the risk of fire and explosion from rechargeable batteries. In case of overheating or mechanical stress, the batteries can catch fire and even explode. This can seriously damage or even endanger not only the vehicle itself, but also people or other vehicles in the vicinity.


Dr. Johann christian eberle – pioneer of the modern savings banks

Dr. Johann Christian Eberle - pioneer of the modern savings banks

The establishment of savings banks has a long and eventful history. One of the pioneers of modern savings banks was Dr. Johann Christian Eberle, a scholar and economist of the 19th century. In the early twentieth century.

Eberle was born in 1805 in Wurttemberg and was a professor of national economics. He was concerned with the economic problems of his time, and in doing so he also investigated the financing possibilities of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Context-bound attempts at definition in dealing with absolute metaphor

The use of metaphors is often seen in many writing styles as a way to make complex or abstract concepts more understandable. Absolute metaphor, which establishes a comparison between two unrelated concepts, has a special significance in literary and linguistic analysis. It is often used to explain complex concepts by making a connection to something else.
However, the use of absolute metaphor can lead to misunderstanding if context is not adequately considered. It is important to make the meaning of metaphor clear through contextual communication, as a general definition is often insufficient to convey the intended meaning.
In this study, we will explore context-bound definitional attempts aimed at the use of absolute metaphor in literary and linguistic analysis. We will look at the different contexts in which absolute metaphor is used in order to understand the meaning and the different interpretations it conveys. Through a thorough analysis of examples from literature and everyday language, we will strive to get a better idea of the meaning of this metaphor in different contexts.

What are metaphors?

Metaphors are a special form of language, often used in literature and in everyday life. A metaphor is a figurative expression that arises because of the similarity between two concepts or objects. For example, you can say "Life is a journey" to express that life is similar to a path where you go through different stations.


Science receives nearly 16 million euros for research into quantum computers

The development of quantum computers has the potential to dramatically change computing by enabling it to handle complex calculations in a fraction of the time required by conventional computers. In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) recently allocated nearly 16 million euros for research into quantum computers and related technologies.

The funding will be invested in Cadmos – Computational and Data-Intensive Modeling in Quantum Computing and Quantum Technologies to advance their research and development of algorithms, applications, and executions of quantum-based computations. The goal is to advance and optimize the future use of quantum computers in a variety of industries, including medicine, pharmaceuticals and materials research.