Concerted action on care in lower saxony: practical measures to improve the quality of care

The Concerted Action on Care was launched in Lower Saxony to improve the quality of care in the region. A wide-ranging initiative aims to take action to provide the best possible care for those in need of care. The focus is on improvements in both medical care and support in everyday life.
The action was launched by politicians and experts to meet the steadily growing demand for nursing services in the state. The program includes a wide range of measures, from recruiting nursing staff and improving working conditions to optimizing communication and cooperation between those in need of care, relatives, nursing staff and professionals.
The goal of the Concerted Action is to improve the quality of care in the state in the long term and to meet the increasing demands on care services. Targeted measures are to be taken to provide trustworthy, expert care that meets the individual needs of those in need of care.

The reasons for the Concerted Action on Care

The Concerted Action on Nursing is an initiative launched to tackle the nursing shortage in Lower Saxony. One of the main causes of this emergency is demographic change. Rising life expectancy is leading to an increase in older people who need support with vital tasks such as eating, dressing and personal hygiene.

Another important reason for the Concerted Action on Nursing is the shortage of skilled workers. There are not enough nursing staff to meet the increasing demand. Many nurses also leave the profession due to overwork, poor working conditions and too low pay.

  • Another reason is the lack of appreciation of the nursing profession. Nursing work is often seen as unattractive and inferior. As a result, not enough young people are attracted to the profession, creating a vicious circle of insufficient personnel and increasing demand.
  • The Concerted Action on Care aims to address these problems and find solutions to improve the quality of care and optimize the working conditions of caregivers. This includes appropriate remuneration and better training and promotion of the profession.

The Concerted Action on Nursing is an important step in meeting the challenges of the nursing shortage in Lower Saxony and creating a better future for all concerned.

Concerted action on nursing launched in Lower Saxony

Measures of the Concerted Action on Care in Lower Saxony are intended to help improve care conditions and staffing requirements. To this end, measures are being taken in close cooperation between care facilities, health insurance funds and the state of Lower Saxony to improve the situation in the care sector.

An important focus is on attracting new caregivers. To this end, additional training positions and advanced training opportunities will be created. Measures are also being developed to help caregivers balance family and career, such as flexible working hours and part-time models.

Another important goal is to improve working conditions. This includes measures to relieve the workload of nursing staff, such as the reduction of administrative tasks and the introduction of modern working equipment and methods in nursing care.

  • Improving care conditions
  • Attracting new nursing staff
  • Reconciliation of family and career for nursing staff
  • Improving working conditions

The Concerted Action on Care will strengthen care in Lower Saxony in the long term to enable better care and support for those in need of care. To this end, all partners involved will work closely together and implement measures tailored to the specific needs and challenges of nursing care.

Conclusion of the Concerted Action on Care

The Concerted Action on Care, which was launched in Lower Saxony, aims to improve care conditions and quality. Close cooperation between politicians, care institutions and professional associations is intended to develop solutions to make the care system more effective and sustainable.

This project was predominantly positively received. In particular, the participation of nursing staff and associations is seen as an important step in order to include their perspective and experience in the development of measures.

However, it is also critically noted that the measures and improvements were not sufficiently concretely named. Long-term funding would also be important in order to successfully implement the planned measures and establish them in the long term.

  • Overall, however, it can be said that the Concerted Action on Nursing Care is an important step towards improving the nursing care system.
  • It remains to be seen how the measures will be implemented and whether a sustainable improvement can be achieved in the long term.

It is to be hoped that other federal states will follow the example of the Concerted Action on Care and also initiate measures to improve care conditions.

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