Csu burglauer-niederlauer turns 40 years old

Csu burglauer-niederlauer turns 40 years old

Celebrating his 40th anniversary on sunday 8. July, in the rudi-erhard- hall of the CSU ortsverband burglauer. On 6. November 1977 the burglauer CSU local association was founded by eleven members in the burglauer parish hall. In 2011, the team reacted to the demographic change and merged with the local CSU association in niederlauer. Today the CSU local association burglauer- niederlauer has 35 members.

The founding members in 1977 were manfred back, who was elected the first local chairman, his deputy georg zufrab, secretary michael then, treasurer reinhold mangold, the assessors rudi erhard and hubert back as well as alois seith. Paul then and eugen erhard were elected to the first board of directors after the founding of the club.

A change of generations took place in april 1989, when edwin then was elected as the new local chairman. An outstanding event for the local association in 1996 was the first time it drew up its own CSU list for the municipal elections. At the first attempt, the local association with siegbert fries, walter seith, karl-peter then karl-peter, burkard mangold and dirk botsch reached five seats in the local council. This result also led to a significant increase in membership.

Since 2003, gustav fub has been the local chairman of the local association. A milestone in the chronicle was undoubtedly the merger with the niederlauer local association, to which unter- and oberebersbach also belong. Gustav fub and richard knaier, CSU local chairman in niederlauer, decided to pool synergies and jointly represent CSU ideals in the future.

Together they now organize information events, excursions, lectures and social events. Since the merger of the burglauer-niederlauer CSU local association, gustav fub has been at the helm as chairman. As deputies act in each case a CSU member from niederlauer and one from burglauer. Since 2011, richard knaier from niederlauer and jurgen wehner from burglauer have been the two deputies. In addition, it is endeavored to fill the beisitzerpositionen paritatisch from both places.

The main events each year include the spring/dam pint with political celebrities, the three trips to the bundestag in berlin, to the european parliament in strasbourg and a trip to the state parliament in munich.

For the anniversary on sunday, 8. July, a festive service is first celebrated at 9 a.M. In the rudi-erhard hall, followed by the burial by the chairman of the local association, gustav fub, and the graveside speeches by the guests of honor. One can be curious about the talk round "G`schmarri" with local hero fredi breunig, where the political bigwigs are expected to "dress warmly may.
Musical entertainment is provided by the "lauertaler musikanten".
In addition to district administrator thomas habermann, guests include CSU district chairwoman birgit erb, member of the state parliament steffen vogel, the bavarian minister of state for justice, prof. Dr. Winfried bausback, and CSU minister of state in the chancellor’s office dorothee bar announced.

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