District youth leader says goodbye

district youth leader says goodbye

The district youth day of the bayerische sportjugend (BSJ) in the bayerischen landes-sportverband (BLSV) took place this year in the sport home of the DJK-TSV kersbach. On the agenda was the farewell to the long-serving district youth director and chair of the district executive committee, barbel flessa, and her deputy, monika martin. In addition, a new board of directors had to be elected.

Sports clubs are important

In order to assess the importance of the event, it is important to consider the role that sports and the existing sports clubs play in our society, especially for young people. In her farewell speech, barbel flessa pointed out that children and young people experience the value of cooperation and dialogue in sports clubs. They learn to practice and defend religious and ideological tolerance.

In the district of forchheim, there are currently 111 clubs, in which ca. 16000 young people between the ages of five and 26 play sports. They can choose from about 30 different sports, including artistic cycling, acrobatics, and karate. Young competitors in these sports gave the event a very special touch with their performances. The various youth education activities and the international youth work of the district youth council should also not go unmentioned: for example, there were lively exchange visits with huntsville (alabama/USA) and with japan.

The district youth conference is held every four years at different locations. In the presence of district administrator hermann ulm (CSU) and the mayors of forchheim, uwe kirschstein (SPD) and franz streit (CSU), 22 people were honored with a certificate and a pin of honor in silver, gold, gold with wreath or with a youth honor plaque. They were honored for their youth work in sports clubs or for their idealistic and financial support of youth work.

The two chairmen of the district executive committee were honored and at the same time bid farewell, as they did not wish to stand again in the new election. Monika martin had been in office since 2015, barbel flessa for 50 years now. After her laudation for the very popular chairwoman, monika martin presented her with a voucher for a wellness stay at the obermaintherme in bad staffelstein and a coarse, female bath towel with the initials BSJ. Afterwards, all delegates present had the opportunity to thank barbel flessa personally and to present her with a flower.

The new election was led by kathi stubenrauch, the district chairwoman of the BSJ upper franconia. The 39 delegates were to elect a new first and second chair, a youth spokesperson and six assessors. Only at the election of the assessors there was a result: elected were yvonne barth (igensdorf), uwe brechelmacher (effeltrich), wolfgang erner (effeltrich), joseph heilmann (forchheim), michael martin (poxdorf) and mario muller (wimmelbach).

No candidates as successors

As no candidates stood for election to the other positions, despite the good wishes of the election officer, the current officeholders will remain in office until the district chairwoman convenes an extraordinary district youth conference in may 2020. After kathi stubenrauch had asked the delegates to keep an eye out for candidates until then, she closed the event.

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