Fire department mainsondheim honored niklas weickert

fire department mainsondheim honored niklas weickert

At the general meeting of the mainsondheimer fire department in the SCM sports home, chairman franz-josef schmidt buried 24 members.

Afterwards schmidt looked back on the past year. The new double garages, which were added to the new school, were officially handed over at a summer party in june. They are the replacement for the old fire station, which was sold by the city of dettelbach. In the meantime, the new double garages are in place and the paving work has also been completed, so that nothing more stands in the way of an early move.

Franz-josef schmidt thanked all committee members, firefighters and demanding members who helped to realize this project. Some helpers will certainly be needed for the move. The new garages will be used to store various festival equipment, such as tables, benches, vendor booths and pavilions, and will be used by local associations. An inauguration party is planned for the spring of summer.

Fire department association has 99 members

There are currently 31 active members, including three women and three youths, schmidt summed up. The F-verein has a total of 99 members, including three honorary members, 27 passive members and 38 demanding members.

The active were called to two operations last year: a fallen tree and a small fire at the campfire in dettelbach. In addition, twelve drills and training evenings were held, as well as a main drill with the F albertshofen at the gartenlandhalle in albertshofen. The fire department was also present with security guards at the martinszug, church processions and funerals.

1. Commander matthias niedner and 2. Commander heiko kainz took part in the commander meetings of the KBM area and the spring service meeting of the district. The purchase of a suction basket and hoses was approved by the city of dettelbach.

District fire inspector emphasizes the need for small fire departments

District fire inspector dirk albrecht presented the pit to the district leadership. He underlined the necessity of the small fire departments in the villages, as well as the motivation for the voluntary work. He presented niklas weickert with a certificate and the silver cross of honor for 25 years of service in the active fire brigade.

The third mayor of the city of dettelbach, helmut kapp, reported in conclusion on the increased upgrading of the fire departments in the city area in recent years, including the acquisition of two new emergency vehicles.

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