Focus on youth work

Focus on youth work

At the fire department the work with young people is written in capital letters. This came to light at the general meeting at the gunsenheimer country inn. Youth leader timucin avci was proud in his annual review about the first place of his youth group at the youth performance march in oberelldorf, which led to the fact that this year meilschnitz will be the host of the performance march. An outstanding eleventh place was also achieved at the district youth performance march in marktredwitz. At the day of the youth fire departments in bergdorf/hohn, marek langbein, niklas geis and sinan turhan passed the bavarian achievement badge and the youth flame level 2.

The children's fire department founded in march 2017, the "meilschnitzer water dragons", developed just as well. It includes twelve children, as reported by the responsible sandra apfel. Participation in the blue light reception and the "loschi's olympiad in dietersdorf. "From there we went home happy, as a fourth place was achieved", so apple.

For the commander oliver heland, 2017 was a year full of high points. Two fires were necessary, one in a roof truss fire and the other in a barn fire. A total of 204 hours were spent on the part of the active fire brigade on instruction, including for machinists, digital radio, engine messages and first aid.

Helmut fechter 65 years on the job

it was up to the chairman of the fire department association, claus fechter, to report on the social side of things. He recalled the winter hike, the village festival, the participation in the 700th anniversary celebration and the comradeship evening. District fire chief andreas steller stated that besides the large fire departments, the small ones are also needed, and that a solution must be found in the matter of new blood, otherwise there will be serious problems. "We are almost no longer firefighters, but "buromenschen", he summed up.

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