Freie wahler munnerstadt: full commitment in municipal elections 2020

Freie wahler munnerstadt: full commitment in municipal elections 2020

At the annual general meeting of the free voters of munich, chairman andreas tragner buried district administrator tamara bischof (kitzingen), deputy chairwoman of the free voters of lower franconia, as a special guest. And two "new" ones could be buried: the non-factional city councilor leo pfennig had, like dieter petsch (previously forum aktiv), switched to the free voters.

As usual, the free voters also looked back at first. The city council faction of the free voters in munich had done a successful job, said tragner, by submitting a total of 14 written motions to the city council and working constructively with council members of the SPD and the forum aktiv.

Grown to five

With the pfennig and petsch the city council faction of the free voters has expanded to five city councilors. After the state parliamentary group of the succeeded in abolishing the trench extension fees, the city councils filed an urgent motion to suspend the execution of the notices until there is legal clarity again. The free-choice city councilors also pushed for the designation of new construction areas in althausen, grobwenkheim, reichenbach and the city center. It is welcomed that on the land in the lache the new construction of the fire station will be realized and the remaining land will be made available for the settlement of retail trade close to the city.

The renovation of the multi-purpose hall will also be promoted in the near future. At the last city council meeting, the designation of mountain bike routes in the city area was discussed at the request of the free voters. The interests of the hunters are to be taken into account appropriately.

2018 was also marked by the state elections in bavaria. Matthias kleren was direct candidate of the free voters for the electoral district bad kissingen. He was thanked for his commitment.

The 2020 municipal elections already cast their shadows ahead. Chairman andreas tragner runs for mayor. Together with other candidates for city council, he wants to ensure the city's future viability. The city and its districts should be attractive for investors. The free democratic party's proposal to significantly reduce property and trade taxes certainly played a part in this. As mayor, andreas tragner wants to continue the successful work he is doing as second mayor by sitting down at the table with all factions and finding workable compromises together. Andreas tragner has been a member of the city council since 2008 and is active in the main and finance committees. His special concern will be to demand the cooperation of all associations in the urban area and to strengthen the honorary office.

The free voters want to continue to work for the good of the city and its neighborhoods in the future: factually oriented, independent and close to the city council.

Tragner thanked his colleagues on the board for their good cooperation. Treasurer bruno schafer presented a correct cash report. This was confirmed by the auditors guntram hillenbrand and reinhold pfennig, who then discharged him. The election was chaired by eugen albert, the mayor of old burg. Andreas tragner and his deputies peter deller and matthias kleren were unanimously re-elected. Secretary remains manuela dietz and treasurer bruno schafer. Guntram hillenbrand and reinhold pfennig were elected as treasurers, andreas tragner and leo pfennig as delegates.

At the end of the meeting, the district administrator tamara bischof took the floor. She thanked the munnerstadt local association for its outstanding support work in the 2018 state and district elections. She called it a great success that the free voters are now involved in the government in munich. She described the ministries for the environment, economy and culture, which the free voters received, as key ministries that offered many possibilities for shaping the future of the city. Of course, the free voters first have to get used to a new political style when moving from opposition to active participation as a coalition partner.

Photo. V.L. Secretary manuela dietz, deputy chairwoman. Peter deller, treasurer bruno schafer, deputy treasurer. Vors. Tamara bischof, 1, of lower franconia. Chairman. 

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