From the march to the dead pants

From the march to the dead pants

The chairman of the singing club ebersdorf, martin reitz, buried the audience of the spring concert, which had completely filled the seats in the kulturhalle. The brass band ebersdorf under the direction of andreas rentsch opened the round of colorful melodies with the brilliant march "mir sein die kaiserjager", which still functions as the recognizing melody of the gebirgsjager, as rudolf dressel, who skillfully and wittily led through the program, had found out.

Home song
The song "in the most beautiful meadow", which is so appropriate for ebersdorf was performed by the ebersdorf singing society under the direction of verena loskarn. The first soloist of the evening was siegbert trobs, who sang the solo of the bajazzo, who mourns a lost love, with his beautiful baritone voice. The brass band waited with the baritone solo "gottfried auf reisen" (godfather on the road) at. Here christian dressel could prove that he is able to play his instrument in all high and low registers at almost any speed.

The piece "4 chord song in which titles of brian adams and lady gaga hide, was performed by leoni reitz as a soloist, accompanied on the flugel by verena loskarn. This then presented itself, accompanied by kevin mauser, with the "ave maria" even as a soloist before.

Dreamy melody
What a wonderful, dreamy melody comes out when a flugelhorn and a tenor horn are used together (played by frank grobmann and thomas reichenbacher) was shown by the brass band with the title "polka fur zwei" on. The youngest members of the choir showed a lot of courage and skill; justin leiter and angelique sproh sang the theme song of the movie "titanic" to karaoke-playback. The series of solo performances was concluded by the two trumpeters of the band, michael dressel and patrick robmeier, with the emotionally performed "black forest echo".

Then the choral society heated up the mood with the 70s song "lollipop" the spark was immediately transferred to the audience. The guests could not hold back any longer during the next song; they sang and clapped during "on days like these" of the dead pants euphorically with.

Audience cheers
The brass band ebersdorf also earned bravo calls after the skilfully performed polka "half a century". The concert was to begin with the brass band and the choral society together played and sung version of the polka "wir musikanten end. But the spectators don't love the active ones without an encore from the stage. The 1809 march, the song dedicated to the loyalty to tirol was rewritten by the conductor of the brass band, so that the audience became active and sang "ebersdorf, ich bleib dir ewig treu".

After further additions the guests were allowed to look forward to the one-act "kapelle krawumm" rejoice. The laughing muscles were extremely strained, because during a music rehearsal, which experienced interruptions and mix-ups again and again, not a single note was played until the end. Rudolf dressel, christian dressel, michael dressel, carolin dressel, sebastian thiem and dominik franke shone in the roles of the orchestra leader and his musicians.

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