Gerhard Dorfler honorary member

Gerhard dorfler honorary member

At the annual general meeting of the waldau fire department, chairman edwin hartmann looked back on a year of numerous activities. "Our club members have supported us well, so the midsummer bonfire and the joint village festival could be carried out successfully", he summed up.
To honorary commander gerhard dorfler edwin hartmann presented the certificate of appointment as honorary member. Dorfler had done valuable work in the service of the general public during his active time, 15 years as adjutant and twelve years as commander, praised the chairman. As a "club cook he had also rendered outstanding services to the comradeship of the members.

Two young players

Commander Klaus Bucka referred to three missions and several exercises. He described it as particularly pleasing that two young prosecutors, anna-lena roder and leon hartmann, could be admitted to the trial.
Treasurer jurgen matthes reported on orderly finances. Cash auditor stefan gack certified him an excellent bookkeeping.
The minutes of last year's annual general meeting were read out by the secretary volker matthes.
The pit of the municipality of neudrossenfeld brought over third mayor alfred wirth. He thanked the firefighters of waldau for their voluntary service and social commitment.
District fire chief thomas hoffmann reminded the audience in his remarks of the smoke detector obligation in the apartments. As a suggestion for the active service he recommended to hold refresher courses in first aid. "This can save lives", he said that the financing is ensured through the municipality.
In his outlook on the schedule, chairman edwin hartmann also promoted, among other things, the "save a life" event, which will take place on 21 june. April arranged tavern visit in the lindau "sportler- hutt'n".

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