Half of priegendorf lent a hand during construction

Half of priegendorf lent a hand during construction

Not only for matthias eck, the first chairman of the voluntary fire department in priegendorf, a long-cherished wish came true: the new fire department house was inaugurated.

For 30 years the priesendorf firefighters had been waiting for a new home. Now this wish has become reality, emphasized baunach’s mayor ekkehard hojer (CBB) in a greeting. The previous possibility of storing the fire engine with a training room had not met the requirements for a long time.

Thick boards had to be drilled, according to hojer, before the baunach city council decided to build a new building in 2008. First, a ruin and a dilapidated barn had to be torn down on the land of the current site above the parish church, but the following year the shell was already in place, and now, almost four years later, the work was completed.

A vehicle hall, a training room, communal and sanitary facilities look like new and offer the 32 active firefighters, including eight members of the youth fire brigade, the best conditions for rapid operational readiness and an attractive environment for training evenings. Once or twice a year, the firefighters from priegendorf go out on fire, according to matthias eck and first fire department commander jurgen dremel.

Not only the firefighters of priegendorf, but probably half of the village with its 370 inhabitants had participated in the construction with exclusively voluntary work. A total of 5350 hours were put in, a proud achievement, also in view of the fact that the new village community center was being built at the same time. The city of baunach contributed around 182,000 euros for the equipment.

Both the mayor and the district fire chief bernhard ziegmann and the deputy district chief georg bogensperger (CSU) emphasized the importance of volunteerism, which obviously enjoys a particularly high status in priegendorf.

Before the cosy get-together, the representatives of the nine fire departments in the baunach administrative community paraded with their flags to the church for the service, followed by the musical accompaniment of the sendelbacher musicians under the direction of uwe bartl to the new, attractive fire department home.

Dean stefan gessner consecrated the fire station before georg bogensperger and ekkehard hojer honored 17 firefighters for 40 and 25 years of service with the badge of honor in gold and silver: wolfgang schlereth (40 years), michael bohnlein, werner hafner, alexander eck, hubert karl, matthias eck, gunther morgenroth, harald hofer (all 25 years) from the priegendorf volunteer fire department, jurgen pitter (25 years) from the F reckenneusig, thomas diestler, norbert frohlich, harald gortler, dieter schug, siegbert weinkauf (all 25 years) from the F dorgendorf as well as ludwig neumann, edgar nublein (25 years) and bernhard zillig (40 years) from the volunteer fire department daschendorf.

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