Hebdorfers defeat ex-professionals

Hebdorfers defeat ex-professionals

Werner sobna, sven berthold and thomas beier organized a successful jubilee midnight tournament together with the fubball department of TSV hochstadt. Around 600 spectators followed the funfair in the aischtalhalle, which was held for the 25th time. Was organized for the first time. Reason enough for the responsible persons to thank those who have been helping for years to make sure that the midnight tournament always runs smoothly.

People like irmgard dengler, annemarie lukaszewicz and irene max, who have always been part of the cake team from the very beginning. But the jubilee event was also very convincing from a sporting point of view and two guest teams, the all-star team around ex-professional timo rost and the rosenzweig team, made it into the final of both the first and the reserve teams.

Combinations worth seeing
The competition of the first teams was eagerly awaited. Among others, the two former professional soccer players timo rost and thomas richter were part of the all-star team put together by TSV coach sven berthold. This team lived up to its role as favorites in group B, showing combinations worth seeing and scoring the maximum number of points to win the group ahead of FSV grobenseebach, which also made it to the semifinals. In group A of the tournament, the host TSV hochstadt finished in fourth place. Spvgg hebdorf made it to the semifinals with aplomb. TSV lonnerstadt also won the semifinal ticket in the last group game.

In the first semifinal, a nine-meter shootout between hebdorf and grobenseebach had to decide the match. In the end, it was the district league team that prevailed because the spvgg keeper was on hand at the right moment to save the decisive penalty kick. In the second semi-final match, another performance by the favorites followed, who hardly gave TSV lonnerstadt a chance and advanced to the final with a commanding 4:1 victory. Where rost, richter and co. Met. To the hebdorfer of coach joachim schwarz, which had shown next to the allstar team the most appealing fubball in the tournament course. In a very competitive match, the district league team from hebdorf managed to defeat the team with the former national league players and secured the title at the 25. Hochstadt midnight tournament..

The match for 3rd place was played between the two district league teams FSV grobenseebach and TSV lonnerstadt, whereby the team from the seebachgrund had the upper hand with 4:1 and made it onto the winner's podium. The award ceremony, which was taken over by mayor gerald brehm, brought the jubilee tournament to a satisfying end shortly after midnight: michi lauth (allstar team) was named best goalkeeper, and taner koc (allstar team) was elected best player of the tournament. Best scorers with five goals each were jochen paulus (TSV lonnerstadt), martin schnappauf (FSV grobenseebach) and gunther suhner (allstar-team).

Experience makes the difference
The reserve teams had already given a foretaste of the midnight tournament in the aischtalhalle in the afternoon. In group A, ASV hochstadt II, FSV weingartsgreuth, and the rosenzweig team, in which the former TSV coach reinhard rosenzweig had assembled some former hochstadt players, competed. In group B, TSV hochstadt II faced the reserve teams from grobenseebach and lonnerstadt.

The home teams from hochstadt had nothing to give away and won their groups with six points each. The first semi-final was a duel between team rosenzweig and FSV grobenseebach II, which was won by reinhard rosenzweig's team in a nine-meter shootout. In the second semifinal match, too, the decision came from the spot: in the end, the hosts from TSV hochstadt II triumphed and made it into the final match of the local heroes. But there they had nothing to order and had to give in to reinhard rosenzweig and his experienced men with 0:4. Markus lenk (rosenzweig team) was named best goalkeeper, while christian popp from TSV lonnerstadt II was crowned the tournament's best player. With eight goals, he also won the goalscoring crown.
The responsible persons of TSV hochstadt were absolutely satisfied with the course of the two tournaments and look back on a football festival, which ended in a convivial atmosphere at a late hour.

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