Helmut kutin turns 80: grandfather of the children’s villages celebrates a milestone birthday

Helmut Kutin is a legend in the field of child and youth welfare, especially through the Children’s Villages he founded and the SOS Children’s Village program. On 4. August 2021, the Austrian social pedagogue and former president of SOS Children’s Villages celebrated his 80th birthday. Birthday.

Helmut Kutin is not only known for his social commitment, but also for his outstanding achievements and successes in international development cooperation. He has been particularly active in promoting children’s rights and improving their living conditions.

Helmut Kutin turns 80: Grandfather of the Children's Villages celebrates a milestone birthday

Helmut Kutin’s greatest achievements undoubtedly include his founding of SOS Children’s Villages in Austria and the expansion of the program to more than 130 countries and regions worldwide. In this way, he has made a significant contribution to the protection and support of millions of children and young people.

On the 80th. We would like to congratulate Helmut Kutin on his 80th birthday and express our sincere thanks for his impressive life’s work. We hope he has many more healthy and happy years ahead of him.

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Children in need: Helmut Kutin remains dedicated to their rescue

Helmut Kutin turns 80, making him one of the founders of the children’s rights movement and the father of SOS Children’s Villages. His life was dedicated to saving children in need. For him the motto is clear: any kind of violence against children is a violation of human rights. Under his leadership, the organization has expanded to over 130 countries.

In addition to his commitment to children in need, Helmut Kutin always had an open ear for the concerns of climate protection. Protecting our environment is another issue where children bear an additional risk. Childhood in an environment with a high risk of pollution can have serious consequences. For this reason, Helmut Kutin decided that the SOS Children’s Villages should also be active in this area.

  • creating climate-friendly schools and playgrounds,
  • the organization of workshops and trainings on sustainable living,
  • the implementation of projects to address climate change.

SOS Children’s Villages should not only be places where children grow up protected, but also places where children can always and everywhere be safe and healthy.

Helmut Kutin remains the strategist and visionary he always was. In the future, he will continue to work with the love and passion that led him to support children in need. His commitment to children is an impressive example of what really matters in life.

Helmut Kutin turns 80: A life for Children’s Villages

The celebration of Helmut Kutin’s milestone birthday was a special occasion for all concerned. The founder of SOS Children’s Villages International and grandfather of the Children’s Villages celebrated his 80th birthday. Birthday in the company of his family and friends.

Helmut Kutin turns 80: Grandfather of the Children's Villages celebrates a milestone birthday

Helmut Kutin’s life is closely linked to the Children’s Villages. As founder and long-time president of SOS Children’s Villages International, he has worked tirelessly for the rights of children and initiated numerous projects worldwide. His milestone birthday was therefore an opportunity to look back on his life’s work and to thank him.

  • Opening of a Helmut Kutin house in Africa
  • artistic performances by children from all over the world
  • An emotional speech by Helmut Kutin in which he thanked his supporters

The celebrations were an impressive testimony of appreciation for Helmut Kutin and his work. Those present were unanimous: his contribution to the promotion of children’s rights will continue to influence many generations of children worldwide.

The celebrations were also a testament to the importance of people like Helmut Kutin, who make the world a little better with their efforts. We should all take an example from him and work for a better future for the coming generations.

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