Igensdorf celebrates market festival

Igensdorf celebrates market festival

Well attended was the market festival in igensdorf, which this year was again organized by the associations of the villages. Klaus bock and matthias wiedemann were there to guide the visitors. The right band had already been found on saturday with the trunstadt musicians. They played everything from traditional folk music to hard rock and brought a festive mood into the tent after mayor wolfgang rast (IU) had tapped the keg of beer and declared the festival open.

It was the wish of the burghers that guest of honor hubert aiwanger, the federal chairman of the free voters, should also tap a barrel of beer. Aiwager was happy to comply with this wish and handed the first mab to the "herrn pfarrer", pastor heinz hofmann. The music and traditional costume band igensdorf under the direction of marcus burzle entertained the guests during the early pint, the britting sisters johanna and eva delighted the guests with their singing, until mayor wolfgang rast began the political early pint.

Rast emphasized that he is a proud homeowner and is pleased that the road expansion fees have been abolished. On the other hand, rast is burgermeister, who is under the post 50.000 euros in the budget, which the municipality now does not receive. It’s a good thing he had a speaker at the festival in the form of aiwanger, who could take a stand on the issue. This cleared the stage for aiwanger’s political speech. Election campaign should remain auben vor. "Hort on your people, on the taxpayers. You know where the problems are, aiwanger introduced his speech.

The many visitors in the tent listened to the political fruhschoppen, enjoyed a kuhle mab and good french food. Numerous of aiwanger’s party colleagues from local politics came to igensdorf. Community leader wolfgang rast was also able to bury deputy district administrator otto siebenhaar and thorsten glauber.

In the meantime, many guests took the opportunity to see the variety of products offered by the market operators. Cards, shirts printed with cheeky and funny sayings, fashionable clothes, leather goods, spices, household articles and information on the subject of health were part of the multifaceted offering.

A new attraction was probably the giant air bubble, into which children had to crawl to move their air bubble over the water. For those who were not so sure, there was a safe place in the bouncy castle or a round in the merry-go-round. The market festival once again attracted young and old with numerous attractions.

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