Jennifer stoeck remains commander

The eckarts volunteer fire department took advantage of the current rules regarding meetings of a larger group of people to make up for its annual general meeting for the year 2020, which was cancelled in january. 20 active, passive and guests attended the meeting.

Even before their annual report, 1. Commander jennifer stoeck spontaneously called up the item new admissions and welcomed ben kornweih as a new member of the fire brigade.

After the reports of commander and secretary uwe wanderer about the past year, treasurer markus hanlein read out his treasury report.

Since all events in the corona year had to be cancelled, the income side was smaller than the expenditure side. The audit of the treasury showed no cause for complaint, therefore the discharge of the board of directors, as requested by treasurer martin stoeck, was unanimously granted.

Numerous new elections were on the agenda. Mayor matthias hauke as election director, together with his election assistants wolfgang kenner and roland limpert, conducted the elections for the 1st mayor’s office. And 2. Commander by. Here, incumbent jennifer stoeck was unanimously elected as 1. Commander confirmed.

After more than 27 years, christian limpert was no longer available for the office of 2. Commander at the disposal. His successor is florian stoeck.

Markus hanlein was elected in his office as 1. Treasurer confirmed. He will be assisted in the future as 2. Cashier, ben kornweih, who has been newly admitted to the fire brigade.The elections of the executive board were completed with the election of markus kreb and simon limpert as confidants.

To keep the technical equipment in good condition – this is the future task of michael stoeck and helmut limpert as equipment maintainers and machinists.


Uwe wanderer was honored with a certificate for his ten years of service in the fire department, as was rainer limpert, who already has 40 years of service to his credit. Christian limpert was presented with a small gift on the occasion of his retirement from the executive board.

Mayor hauke and KBM wolfgang kenner thanked the eckarts fire brigade for their commitment even in these special times.

Hauke noted that in his short time in office, this is the second time that he has had to bid farewell to christian limpert and presented him with a gift basket on behalf of the market town of zeitlofs as a token of thanks and recognition for his extraordinary commitment to the market town of zeitlofs, which has lasted almost five electoral periods. Commander in eckarts.

Towards the end of the meeting, roland limpert, as spokesman for the "playground initiative eckarts siedlung" thanked the eckartser fire department for the generous donation. To prove that they have the whole district in view. In her closing remarks, jennifer stoeck thanks for the trust placed in her and announces the forthcoming acquisition of the defibrillator box. The defibrillator, which has been in place for a long time, is to be installed centrally at the village hall in order to be available quickly in case of emergency.

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