Jubilee can come

jubilee can come

Chairwoman ulla hofmann addressed the annual general meeting of the verkehrs- und verschonerungsverein marktschorgast at the "regina" inn-hotel detailed introduction to the upcoming 150th anniversary celebration. This anniversary should of course be celebrated in style. So invite the club on 19. May from 15 o'clock to a cosy coffee round in the gymnasium invite. At 16.30 o'clock rise there the festive act. In addition, on 23. June at 10.3 p.M. There will be an open-air ecumenical service on the greim family's property at gefreeser strabe 4. This sunday is also the "open garden day" of gunter reif, the planned.

In the frame of the 69. Festivals of young artists bayreuth will probably be in the parish church of st. Jakobus the alteret a concert take place, so the chairwoman. The company will also participate in the community's vacation program. In the jubilee year after the last work on 27. April the waldspring fountain near grundmuhle will also bubble up again.

According to hofmann, this year's focus of local conservation is on roses, in addition to window decorations, since the rose is part of the coat of arms mounted in the town hall.

As treasurer birgit lauterbach announced, the association is financially well positioned. Johannes herbach and petra gampert knew the cash transactions "in the best hands".

Mayor hans tischhofer praised the members for their commitment to the benefit of the market community, the hacktrupp under the leadership of heinrich feulner for the maintenance of the grounds, and uwe hell and gunter gaida for the marking of the hiking trails. According to the mayor, the area in front of the town hall is to be redesigned.

The chairwoman honored the winners of the local competition "water in the garden and floral decorations". These were birgit and jurgen lauterbach, pamela schreiner, the kummer and pittroff families, corinna and uwe pichler, heinrich feulner, gabriele and dietrich beck, stefanie heinz, the sagert family and hildegard havenith. The awards of the district of kulmbach, which were presented by the mayor, went to klaus muller, the family heike and johannes herbach, and the family monika and rudolf kurz.

With the lecture "espalier fruit and wine" the event was concluded by gunter reif, the chairman of the district association for horticulture and land conservation. 

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