Lichtenfels made over 2000 blood donations last year

Lichtenfels made over 2000 blood donations last year

34 citizens from the town of lichtenfels were honored for donating blood 50, 75, 100 and 125 times at a joint event held by the town of lichtenfels and the red cross at the muller guesthouse in reundorf.

District administrator christian meibner paid respect and recognition to the blood donors for their decades of willingness to donate blood. In doing so, they rendered a great service to many sick or injured people in the spirit of charity. The district of lichtenfels has proven itself for many years as a blood donor stronghold in bavaria, for which the red cross is very grateful and this makes him naturally as BRK district chairman particularly proud. In lichtenfels alone, 2059 men and women donated half a liter of blood at six events in the town hall and one event in the vocational school, including 120 first-time donors, who are important for the continued existence of the blood donation system.

Christian meibner also thanked the town of lichtenfels for hosting the evening, which was organized by the BRK, as well as his deputy rosemarie gohring and her team of volunteers, who have been on hand at the blood donation events for many years and are responsible for the organization and catering.

Endurance runners in honorary office

Mayor Andreas Hugerich also thanked the blood donors for their willingness to provide a portion of their precious lifeblood on a regular basis for many years. They are practically continuous runners in the honorary office. The invitation to the dinner was meant to be a small gesture of gratitude. The top position in blood donation is certainly also due to the BRK district association with its many, predominantly volunteer helpers.

All honorees received a badge of honor, a certificate and a gift. It was noteworthy that the BRK district manager thomas petrak and the deputy BRK district chairwoman rosemarie gohring had also proved to be regular donors and were honored for donating blood 100 and 50 times respectively. Among the honored were several donors who have already given blood 125 times. They commendably provided a total of more than 60 liters of blood for people in need.

Among them was walter knoferl from schney, who during his 40 years of service with the company veenendaal was a member of the company fire department there and served as its commander for 16 years. He had a very simple explanation for his decades of willingness to donate blood: "just as by actively participating in the fire department, you can also help people and even save lives by donating blood." next blood donation date is tuesday, 27 tay. November, from 10 a.M. To 3 p.M. In the auditorium of the vocational school.

50 blood donations marina birger, anemone braun, bianka buttner, beate geub, rosemarie gohring, marion morgenroth (all lichtenfels), maria barbara braun (stetten), kreszentia lieb (eichig), brigitte paul (schonsreuth), brigitte schuster (schney) and brigitte tribale (isling)

75 blood donations wolfgang eller, gerald hartung, markus kleinhenz, andreas tischer (all lichtenfels), simone betz, cornelia haderlein (both isling), johann schmidt (schney), rita schutz (kottel), angelika tremel (eichig) and wolfgang pfaff (mistelfeld)

100 blood donations jurgen eberth, thomas petrak, eberhard schwab, richard spath (all lichtenfels), ingrid lunz (rothmannsthal), roland werner (mistelfeld) and heribert wiemann (kosten)

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