Many helpers support the swimming pool club

"I think it's fair to say that the annual grant of 5,000 euros can be adjusted upwards", said mayor ralf nowak on wednesday evening at the annual meeting of the swimming pool association kraisdorf on the terrace of the outdoor pool. The 26 members present acknowledged nowak's proposal with much applause.

Because the swimming pool association runs the swimming pool on a voluntary basis, and has done so on behalf of the municipality since 2005, the association receives a subsidy of 5000 euros from the municipality every season. For the remaining costs he has to pay himself.

Chairman olaf betz emphasized that many helpers are needed to maintain the daily pool operation. And without the technicians herbert schonmann and dieter muller "we could never do it".

Because the previous pool attendant had quit his job, after a long search, christoph gottel, a local councillor from pfarrweisach, had stepped in as pool attendant. However, gottel first had to acquire the necessary prerequisites such as training as a rescue swimmer and a refreshed first aid course. The pool was opened with a one-month delay. But the past few weeks had made up for a lot in terms of visitor numbers.

In the meantime, there is a powerful team of pool attendants: in addition to gottel, jenny muller and andreas jost from kraisdorf and christian kebler from hafenpreppach are responsible for safety.

Betz mentioned the visit of the bavarian finance minister albert furacker to kraisdorf in june, when he also toured the swimming pool. The club representatives of the municipality had handed over some questions about the club life and the swimming pool to the minister in written form, but up to now no satisfying answer had come from munich.

At the new elections, the members confirmed chairman olaf betz in office. He has led the association since its founding 13 years ago. Deputy became lifeguard christoph gottel, new in office is andrea wolfer as secretary, treasurer remains beate giebfried. Annett damm, christian kebler and raphael krug have been elected as associate members. Box office winners are joachim miener and stefan pohley. 

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