Meanderings (Travel)

Do you every find yourself incredibly antsy and you just cannot stand the idea of driving down the same road to the same place even one more time? I do. And when I do, I drive down that same road one more time (because usually that road is a very helpful road which is why I so often use it and tire of it) but I keep driving until I get somewhere new. And when I get somewhere new, I want to find the best coffee and the cutest bakery and the most beautiful architecture and the cheapest beer. If you also like these things in different places, then I would check out this page occasionally as I meander around the country and write it down for you to enjoy as well. Cheers to shopping local, unlocally!

(Disclaimer: The picture at the top of the page is such a lie. I exclusively use the Google Maps app for my meanderings and how did anyone get anywhere before that sassy little lady told you exactly how many feet you had before you had to turn?)

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