Navigation on the university of teacher education zug

The University of Teacher Education Zug, also known as PH Zug, is one of the leading educational institutions in Central Switzerland. The university offers a wide range of study programs in the fields of education, social work, psychology and educational research. With a campus area of over 15,000 square meters and modern teaching and research facilities, PH Zug is the ideal place for aspiring educators and other students who want to pursue a career in education.
But how do you find your way around the PH Zug campus?? Navigating a new campus can be a challenge, especially if you are new to the city. Fortunately, PH Zug strives to make the process as easy as possible, with easy-to-understand maps and helpful staff who are always ready to assist with any questions you may have.
In this article we will give you some tips and tricks to find your way around the University of Teacher Education Zug. From finding your way around campus to the best places to study and relax, we have everything you need to make the most of your time at PH Zug. So, let’s get started and discover campus life at PH Zug!

Location: How to find the University of Teacher Education Zug

The Padagogische Hochschule Zug is located in the center of Zug, in the immediate vicinity of the lake. If you arrive by public transport, you can reach train station and then take bus no. Take the 3 to the stop "Padagogische Hochschule. From there it is only a few minutes walk to the university.

Alternatively, you can also arrive by car. The university has limited parking spaces, but they can be booked up quickly. However, there are also some public parking lots in the vicinity where you can park your car. However, it is advisable to arrive early in order to allow enough time to find a parking space.

The University of Teacher Education Zug consists of several buildings, which are spread over the campus. To help you find your way around the campus, there is a map in front of each building. Interactive maps are also available to help you find your way quickly and easily.

  • Address: LAZ, Aegeristrasse 27, 6300 Zug
  • Phone: +41 41 728 71 11
  • Email: [email protected]

We hope this information will help you find the University of Teacher Education train quickly and easily. Of course, if you have any further questions, we’re happy to help.

By car to the University of Teacher Education Zug

The University of Teacher Education Zug can be easily reached via the A4 freeway or the Zug bypass. Parking is available on campus for students and visitors. It is advisable to research the location of parking spaces in advance and choose the best parking space for your destination to avoid unnecessary searching for a parking space.

The university has its own parking lot, which can be used for a fee. There are also numerous public parking lots nearby that can also be used. Students have the opportunity to purchase a parking permit for the campus parking lot for the duration of their studies.

It is recommended that you arrive to campus early, as parking is often scarce during lecture hours. During peak hours, there is a limited number of parking spaces, which are quickly occupied. Alternatively, it is recommended to use public transport, as the University of Teacher Education Zug is very well connected to the public transport network.

  • Finding a parking space: research in advance to find the right parking space and avoid unnecessary searching
  • University parking lot: possibility of using it for a fee
  • Parking permit for students: can be purchased for the duration of studies
  • Limited number of parking spaces at peak times: arrive early
  • Public transportation: good connections to the transportation network

For visitors arriving at the campus for the first time, it is advisable to use a navigation device or to have detailed directions in order to reach the university in the best possible way.

The campus of the University of Teacher Education Zug is well signposted with appropriate signs to facilitate on-site navigation.

Environmentally conscious visitors should use a bicycle or seek a carpool to avoid CO2 emissions and contribute to climate protection.

Public transport to the University of Teacher Education Zug

If you travel to the University of Teacher Education Zug by public transport, there are numerous stops nearby that you can use. One of the most commonly used options is the "train, station" stop. From there you can reach the university on foot in a very short time.

For those who want to travel a slightly longer distance, the stop "Zug, Postplatz" is a good option. This stop is within walking distance of the university and offers a variety of public transportation options, including buses and streetcars.

  • Train, station stop: SBB trains, Zurich and Lucerne commuter trains, regional trains and buses
  • Train stop, Postplatz: buses and streetcars
  • Train bus stop, Theater Casino: Buses

The exact departure times and the best connection can be found on the website of the Luzern public transport system ( or on the website of the Swiss Federal Railways (

We recommend purchasing all necessary tickets before your trip to avoid delays. There are different options, such as day passes or one-way tickets, which you can validate on the fly. Also note that there may be increased traffic during rush hours and it is recommended to leave earlier than usual to ensure on-time arrival.

How to find your way around campus

It can be difficult to find your way around the campus of the University of Teacher Education Zug. If you are on campus for the first time, we recommend downloading a map of the building or asking for a map at the information desk. On this map you can find all the important places like libraries, labs, lecture halls and canteens.

In addition to the map, there are other ways to find your way around campus. One of the most effective ways is to follow signs and directions. Most buildings have signs that show the name and number of the building, as well as arrows that show the way to important places like auditoriums and offices.

It’s also worth installing the university’s app. The app includes a detailed map of the campus where you can mark and save important locations. In addition, you can also use the app to find the room or building where the professor or class you want to take is located.

In addition to the app, you can also take a printout of the class schedule with you. The schedule will give you a detailed list of all the lectures you want to attend, as well as the room and building where they will be held.

  • Follow a map of the building or ask at the information desk
  • Follow signs and directions
  • Install the PH train app
  • A printout of the class schedule can be useful

Practical tips: Where to find what?

Zug University of Teacher Education is a large campus with many different buildings. Especially as a newcomer, it can be difficult to find your way around and know where to find what. Here are some handy tips to help you navigate campus.

Navigation on the University of Teacher Education Zug
  • Map: If you don’t know the campus well yet, it’s helpful to get a map of Zug. All major buildings are marked on this map, from the library to the dining hall.
  • Landmarks: There are some noticeable buildings on campus that can serve as landmarks. This includes the red and white gymnasium, the large administration building and the modern new building.
  • Online map: On the PH Zug website you can find an interactive map of the campus. All buildings are listed on this map with their names and functions. You can also use the map on your phone to quickly and easily find your way on the go.
  • Bulletin boards: there are bulletin boards at various buildings on campus that provide important information about events and hours of operation. Check these boards regularly to stay up to date on the latest news.
  • Awards on the Floor: There are also awards on the ground on campus to show you the way to key buildings. Just follow the arrows and you’ll get where you’re going quickly.

As you can see, there are many practical ways to navigate the campus of PH Zug. Combine the different tips and find what works best for you.

Navigation on the University of Teacher Education Zug

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