Neo-nazi martin wiese sentenced in wurzburg

Neo-Nazi martin wiese sentenced in wurzburg

The neo-nazi martin wiese was sentenced on wednesday to one year and three months in jail for incitement of the people and threatening behaviour. In the appeal proceedings, the wurzburg regional court considered it proven that in the summer of 2011, at a rally in lower franconia, wiese had given journalists a "death sentence" by a "people's court" by a "people's court" had threatened. He had also used anti-constitutional symbols.

The prosecution had demanded two years in prison, wiese's lawyer an acquittal. In the first instance, the district court of gemunden sentenced the 37-year-old to one year and nine months in prison last year. Both wiese and the public prosecutor's office had appealed against the decision.

The trial, which was actually scheduled for only one day, was unexpectedly adjourned at the beginning of september because the neo-nazi and nurnberg city councilor sebastian schmaus, who had been called as a defense witness, did not appear before the wurzburg district court.

Wiese had already been arrested in 2003 for the planned explosive attack on the new jewish center in munich. In 2005, the bavarian supreme court in munich convicted him of being a leader of the extreme right-wing "kameradschaft sud" to seven years imprisonment. Wiese was released at the end of 2019.

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