On the trail of the vacuum cleaner curse

On the trail of the vacuum cleaner curse

Schrag – this programmatic label of the "freestate-this evening can be rightly called one of the most important events of the year. The material that sets this lurid stage spectacle in motion is by no means the product of the exuberant imagination of an overly whimsical director. The material is rather based on real events from the categories bizarre to abstruse. To hear are brought traps of people who are all candidates for the award of the ominous darwin-award.

Shrill persiflage

The "free state-team turns it into a shrill satire on the talk show mania of the tv stations competing almost non-stop on all channels, which assemble alleged or actual experts on the most diverse topics night after night.
The soundtrack is provided by hits of the so-called disco-ara from "staying alive" to "dancing queen" and "daddy cool.
With rapid play joy sandrina nitschke, philippine pachl, mathias renneisen, sonke schnitzer and thomas straus as talkshow round as well as michael gotz as cameraman with an afrolook-peruke in the albino-mode make from these ingredients an evening, which is called this "freestate"-attribute really deserved: shrill.

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