Peggy case: investigation against man from halle

The suspected person is holger E.. He belonged to the closest circle of friends of peggy's family. He had visited lichtenberg several times in the months before peggy's disappearance in may 2001. The police already had him under suspicion at that time. According to the information of antenne bayern he had lied to the investigators at that time about his alibi. In interrogations, he had claimed that peggy was "like a sister" to him been.

For the justice system, the mentally deficient ulvi K. As the murderer of peggy. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004. His lawyer applied for reinstatement this spring. Ulvi K. Had confessed to the crime in a controversial police interrogation, but then recanted. He has since maintained his innocence. The public prosecutor's office has announced that it will take a position on the motion for reopening in october.

Suspect already convicted in abuse case
holger E. Was sentenced to six years in prison in another trial in halle in february 2013. The court found him guilty of abusing his own daughter, who was 2 years old at the time of the crime. In addition, the public prosecutor's offices in bayreuth and halle are investigating him for two further cases of abuse. One of these deeds he has confessed according to the information three weeks ago.

The bayreuth public prosecutor's office became particularly interested in the book "the peggy case" on the suspicion against holger E. Attentive.

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