Ramblings (Writing)

I love love love love to chat.
I come from a family of extroverts. Whoever talked the loudest and longest won the floor…and we all wanted the floor.

I soon learned that writing was a way to chat as long as I wanted without having to interrupt or get interrupted.

Then I was the child who wrote in her diary with the hopes that when I was dead, someone would find my purple, fuzzy notebook and gush over life at the turn of the century and how articulate, wise, and witty this pimply pre-teen was. That’s how much confidence I had in my writing: please don’t look at this until I am dead.
But then the internet exploded and now anyone with a decent grasp of Microsoft Word can jump in with the rest of us and we can scan and scroll and read and laugh and post all day long! I figured I might as well jump in with the rest of them and claim my tiny corner of the web.
Don’t expect good advice or inspiration. Do feel free travel with me, hear my deepest thoughts about my current Netflix binge, and laugh at my three hour battles with cockroaches while clinging to Jesus, finding the whimsy, and laughing my way through being a broke and happy twenty-something without a plan in the world.

And comment because what is a blog if it’s not a jump-off point for friendship and conversation?

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