Rescue service bad bruckenau: peter pankerl hoards up

rescue service bad bruckenau: peter pankerl hoards up

"Let’s go to the red cross." everything started with this sentence for peter pankerl many years ago. He had just taken a course in first aid, and his former classmate reimund heiny had asked him this question. Today, 45 years later, the original figure of bad bruckenau is retiring.

After seven years of volunteering with the red cross, pankerl became a full-time rescue worker. After another seven years, peter pankerl was transferred from his home station bad kissingen, close to home to bad bruckenau. 31 years he was very conscientiously active there. Now he has closed the door of the ambulance for the last time.

His colleagues welcomed him to the new rescue station in bad bruckenau with a blue light concert. Peter pankerl celebrated his departure with visible emotion. His most memorable experience in his 45 years with the red cross was a twin birth in the ambulance at bad bruckenau, he said.

Playing the guitar is one of his favorite hobbies. At the carnival in bad bruckenau, pankerl is still involved with great commitment today. Peter pankerl always maintains a good relationship with local aid organizations such as the fire department and the police. But after a total of 45 years of service to mankind, he is now retiring.

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