Roland easy sen. Now honorary chairman of the srk

Roland easy sen. Now honorary chairman of the srk

For the annual meeting of the soldier and reservist comradeship bad staffelstein chairman roland leicht sen could. Numerous members buried. He will leave the command of the SRC bad staffelstein after many years, he explained easily, and pointed out that the association, which has existed since 1874, has also survived stormy times. Over the years, the band has tried to uphold camaraderie and tradition. According to the mayor, this camaraderie is easily the reason why five new members could be accepted in 2018.

Roland leicht thanked his board of directors, especially slide warden matthias mohrlein, who had again prepared three members for the weapons examination last year.

The elections brought the following result: first chairman is robert prohaska, second chairman roland leicht jun., uwe fertsch is the treasurer, harald gack is the secretary, and matthias mohrlein is the pushman.

The new SRK chairman robert prohaska appointed roland leicht sen. Then under rough applause to the honorary chairman of the soldaten- und reservistenkameradschaft bad staffelstein, that is the highest honor, which the association can award. 

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