Rosi Kast pragmatized the parish council of Winkels

Rosi kast pragmatized the parish council of winkels

Winkels – with a service in the church st. The retiring members of the parish council of st. Boniface were bidden farewell and the newly elected members were introduced. Monika hufnagel thanked everyone for their voluntary work and wished the newly elected members much joy in their service to the parish.
A special tribute was paid to the outgoing parish council chairwoman rosi kast, who had been a member of the council since 1986 15 years of organizing the church in winkels with a lot of heart and soul as chairwoman. She received the pin of honor from the wurzburg bishopric for her self-sacrificing work. In her many years of service, she has seen 15 chaplains and three deans. She planned the 60th anniversary of the church and the 750th anniversary of the district. During her time, regular parish afternoons were held in the jahnhalle, cozy evenings in the old school, fronleichnams masses at the playground, etc. She organized two benefit concerts with the postkapelle and femina musica for the benefit of the church roof renovation. The community thanked rosi kast for her service with long applause.
New members of the parish council are: marianne wolf (chairwoman), monika weber and michael renninger (deputy chairwomen) chairwoman), margit ahlers (secretary), rita emmert, bernhild graf, lea hillenbrand, robert metz, ernst muller, kerstin moraw and anna smolinska. The following people left: moritz martens (after 4 years), evelin wolf (after 8 years) and monika brust (after 12 years)
monika hufnagel also thanked edgar kast who has been updating and handing over the death book (church register) with dedication for years .

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