Scanner summit – europe’s largest event for scanners

Since the 14. September Europe’s largest Summit for scanners is officially launched! For scanner enthusiasts and professionals in the digitization industry, this event is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest in scanning technologies and solutions. This year, the Summit promises to feature an extensive exhibition of scanners and industry leaders.

The Summit is a unique opportunity to find out how scanners and digitization can bring business-wide benefits. Experts from various industries are expected to share their experience and knowledge on scanning technology.

Scanner Summit - Europe's largest event for scanners

With a focus on innovation and research, Scanner Summit will help set new standards in the industry. The Summit provides networking opportunities to make contacts and exchange ideas.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend Europe’s largest Scanner Summit to discover the industry and the future of scanning technologies!

Scanner Summit – Europe’s largest event for scanners

Since 14.09. the Scanner Summit takes place in Europe. This is the largest event for scanners in Europe, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

This event brings together leading companies and organizations to showcase their latest innovations and technologies in scanner technology. By participating in this event, companies can strengthen their presence in the market and at the same time promote the exchange of information and knowledge with other industry leaders.

The primary goal of the Scanner Summit is to promote innovation and progress in the scanner industry. The event aims to showcase the latest trends and technologies in scanner technology and help companies adapt to ever-changing technology.

  • Increasing the market presence of companies
  • Promote knowledge transfer in the scanner industry
  • Presentation of latest technologies and innovations in the field of scanner technology
  • Strengthening business relationships and partnerships

In summary, the Scanner Summit is a must-attend event for everyone involved in the scanner industry. It provides the opportunity to see the latest technologies and innovations in scanner technology while building valuable relationships and partnerships.

Who attends the Scanner Summit?

Since the 14.09. Europe’s largest Scanner Summit takes place and numerous industry experts participate.

Among them are representatives from large companies such as Siemens, Bosch and Continental, but also many start-ups and medium-sized companies are represented.

Participants come from all over Europe and also from other parts of the world to exchange information about the latest developments and trends in scanner technology.

Scanner Summit - Europe's largest event for scanners

In addition to industry professionals, researchers and scientists, as well as representatives from organizations and associations, will be on hand to present their work and research results.

Scanner Summit - Europe's largest event for scanners
  • Siemens
  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • Start-ups
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Organizations and associations

In total, several hundred people attend the Summit to learn about the latest developments in scanner technology and to network with each other.

The Scanner Summit lasts several days and offers numerous presentations, workshops and discussion panels on various topics related to scanner technology.

Topics of the largest scanner summit in Europe

Since the 14.09. scanner enthusiasts from all over Europe meet for the continent’s largest scanner summit. The Summit provides a platform for scanner enthusiasts to discuss latest developments, trends and best practices, share experiences and learn from each other.

A core theme of the Summit is 3D scanning technology and data capture and visualization. Attendees share the latest technologies and applications and discuss new developments such as mixed reality scanning and portable scanner technology.

Another important topic of the Scanner Summit is the application of scans in the field of design and architecture. The use of scans in historic preservation and the reconstruction of historic buildings is particularly important in this regard.

  • 3D scanning technology
  • Capturing and visualizing data
  • Mixed reality scanning
  • Portable scanner technology
  • scanners in the field of design and architecture
  • Preservation and reconstruction of historic buildings

The Summit will also provide a platform to discuss topics such as data management, privacy and security, and the use of AI and machine learning in scanner technology. In summary, Europe’s largest scanner summit offers a wealth of topics and discussions for scanner enthusiasts and those interested in the industry.

Expected results of the largest scanner summit in Europe

The European Scanner Summit, which will take place on 14. September began, is the largest event of its kind. Experts and companies from around the world will come together to showcase their expertise and commitment to the scanner industry. But what results can we expect from this summit?

First, innovative technologies and solutions are presented that have the potential to revolutionize the scanner industry. Companies will showcase their latest products and services, including high-end scanners, mobile scanning apps and integrated systems. These innovations will enable scanners to work faster and more accurately than ever before, significantly improving workflows.

Second, there is the opportunity for networking and collaboration. During the scanner summit, there will be numerous seminars, presentations and discussions where experts and companies can exchange ideas and strategies. Through this collaboration, new partnerships and business developments may emerge that will drive the scanner industry forward.

Third, the Scanner Summit will help promote and bring more attention to the scanner industry as a whole. Media attention and public discussions will raise awareness of the importance of scanners and their role in the modern world. This will help to recognize the scanner industry as an important part of the economy and further strengthen it.

All in all, Europe’s Scanner Summit will be invaluable. From the latest technologies and products to collaboration and networking, the potential for the scanner industry is endless.

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