Schlusselfelder gathers for the opening of the nativity scene

The rough crib on schlusselfeld's market square still depicts the announcement scene. "The angel brings maria the message that a special child is to be born, one who will bring us love and hope", said pastor wolfgang dettenthaler at the opening on the first advent. This raised expectations, as did the song sung by the choir under the direction of rosi emrich: "freue dich welt, dein konig naht"!"
The opening is an annual event that brings the town's citizens together around the crib. Rainer grief, chairman of the crib association, recalled with thoughtful words how people used to prepare for the festival. Also mayor johannes krapp (CSU) addressed contemplative words about the meaning of advent to the burghers. The melodies played by geo sturm and his brass band were a perfect match for the snow-covered old town. And then there were the youngest schlusselfelder from the kindergarten sankt johannes, who delighted the hearts with their childlike singing. Finally, the head of the kindergarten, rosi bickel, motivated everyone to sing along.

Gifts from santa claus

Pastor Johannes Kestler was pleased that the manger "drauben", so "in the middle of the world stands. She proclaimed the message "that god is in the midst of our lives". Later in the afternoon, santa claus arrived to hand out presents to the children on behalf of the schlusselfeld advertising association. Until the middle of january the nativity scene tells the story of christmas with changing scenes. A nativity scene exhibition can also be seen in the town hall.

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