Small fruits with a big effect on health

Small fruits with a big effect on health

With a lecture entitled "wild fruit superfoods karin seubert opened the annual general meeting of the fruit and horticulture association kleinweisach in the clubhouse in kienfeld. From rock pear to rosehip to hawthorn, the fruits of native hedges offer numerous possibilities for consumption, says seubert. From teas for prevention to tinctures for healing to tasty jams – french wild fruits can be processed in many ways, the garden expert explained.

Next meeting items were the cash report and the minutes of lydia no, both were approved unanimously.

The activity report of the chairwoman kathe billner for the past year listed numerous activities. In march the easter fountain was decorated, in april a pruning course was held in the association's own orchard, the association celebrated the inauguration of the newly planted lime trees in front of the cemetery. In addition, the christmas market was visited in december.

Also for this year some dates are certain: so is to be on 29. April the easter crown at the fountain to be cleared. On 18. In may, the kleinweisach moles, the association's youth group, will take part in an event organized by the district youth ring. On 25. October should be sacrificed with inge stimper and on 7. December again the christmas market can be visited. The chairwoman explained that she is urgently looking for board members and helpers for the youth group. 

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