Sudkurve fan organization protests against new stadium in cologne

In Cologne, the planned construction of a new soccer stadium is causing great debate and protests. In particular, the fan organization Sudkurve vehemently opposes the project and criticizes the decision-makers of the 1. FC Cologne.

The South Bend is one of the club’s largest fan groups and has made a name for itself in the past with its raucous chants and choreography. But now it’s no longer about supporting the team, but about protecting the old Rheinenergy stadium.

The fan organization fears that the new stadium will not have the charm and character of the old stadium and thus an important part of the club tradition will be lost. Concerns are also raised about the expected high volume of traffic and the impact on the environment.

It remains to be seen how the decision-makers of the 1. FC Koln will respond to criticism from the Sudkurve and whether the planned new stadium will actually be built.

The history of the Sudkurve fan organization

Since the 1970s, Cologne has had the Sudkurve fan organization, which has a significant influence on the atmosphere in the stadium. In the last decades, the fan organization has become an important voice of the supporters of the 1. FC Koln develops and advocates for the interests of fans. The Sudkurve organizes choreographies, fan trips and fan clubs and thus makes a significant contribution to the club’s culture.

Currently, the fan organization is vehemently opposed to the construction of a new stadium in Cologne. Members fear that the new stadium would not only lead to higher ticket prices, but would also change the atmosphere in the stadium. The Sudkurve believes that the current stadium is the home of the club and there is no need to build a new stadium.

In recent years, the fan organization has attracted attention and raised its voice against the new stadium through various protest actions. For example, at a home game, members unfurled a banner reading "No new stadium – Our home remains our home", making their opinion clear. Sudkurve is determined to continue to stand up for the fans’ interests and oppose the new stadium.

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Arguments against a new stadium

The fan organization Sudkurve is against a new stadium in Cologne. The reasons for this are manifold. One of the main reasons is that the location of the new stadium is not ideal. The planned stadium is to be built on a former industrial site near the old airport. There is hardly any public transport there and it will be difficult for car drivers to reach the stadium.

Another argument against the new stadium is the financial aspect. The cost of building the new stadium is expected to be very high and the city of Cologne will probably have to cover a large part of these costs. However, this money could be better used for other projects that would be beneficial for the entire city.

Sudkurve fan organization protests against new stadium in Cologne

Additionally, there are concerns about the environmental impact of the new stadium. The old industrial site is heavily polluted and redevelopment will take a lot of time and money. The construction of the stadium would also cause further environmental pollution, such as traffic and the construction work itself.

Another argument against the new stadium is the fact that the old stadium in Cologne, the RheinEnergieStadion, will be competitive for many years to come and offers sufficient space. There is no urgent need to build a new and bigger stadium that may not be fully utilized.

Overall, there are many arguments against a new stadium in Cologne. The Sudkurve fan organization will continue to advocate for the old stadium in Cologne to be preserved and for other projects to be given priority.

Alternatives to the new stadium for Cologne

The fan organization Sudkurve of the 1. FC Cologne has spoken out against the construction of a new stadium. Instead, they are calling for the existing Rheinenergie stadium to be modernized. One option for modernization, for example, would be to expand the stadium by building more tiers.

Another alternative is to build the stadium on the site of the current training ground. This would allow the existing Rheinenergie stadium to be used as an alternate stadium so that no home games would have to be cancelled during construction. Such a solution could also be financially cheaper than an entirely new stadium.

Another possibility is the construction of a joint stadium for the 1. FC Cologne and Borussia Monchengladbach. Joint use could divide the financing of the stadium and thus reduce the burden on the clubs. Synergies could also be created through such a partnership, for example in the marketing of VIP seats.

  • Conclusion: There are various alternatives to the construction of a new stadium in Cologne, which the fan organization Sudkurve of the 1. FC Cologne to be supported. A modernization of the existing Rheinenergie Stadium, the construction of a stadium on the training grounds or a joint stadium with Borussia Monchengladbach could be possible solutions.

Political support for the Sudkurve fan organization in its fight against a new stadium in Cologne

The Sudkurve fan organization in Cologne is fighting vehemently against the construction of a new stadium in their city. It fears that a new arena outside the city center would weaken its fan base and change the character of loyal supporters. The organization has received political support from some members of the city council and from some local politicians who share its concerns.

Concerns expressed by the Sudkurve include the fear of losing their identity as fans, the increase in police and security forces that could affect them immediately before the game, and the impact that a new stadium could have on the environment and traffic situation.

However, a tablet solution to the concerns of the Sudkurve and the equally expressed concerns of other groups in Cologne seems difficult to find. However, the political support the group has received will help amplify their voices in the public debate and convey their concerns to city leaders.

Sudkurve fan organization protests against new stadium in Cologne
  • Support in political discourse is crucial to make community voice stronger.
  • The group has expressed concerns, worried about their identity as fans.
  • A solution seems to be difficult to find.

The statement from the Sudkurve fan organization: No to the new stadium in Cologne

Sudkurve fan organization has taken a clear position: it rejects the construction of a new stadium in Cologne. In a statement on its website, the group says it opposes a new stadium and instead favors preservation of the existing RheinEnergie Stadium.

The reasons for their rejection are manifold. First, fan representatives don’t see the need for a new stadium. From their point of view, the existing RheinEnergieStadion offers enough space and comfort for the fans. On the other hand, the Sudkurve fears that the construction of a new stadium could increase ticket prices or force fans out of the city due to higher rents.

In addition to these economic concerns, there are also moral reasons to oppose a new stadium in Cologne. The fan organization Sudkurve emphasizes that numerous green spaces and natural areas would have to be destroyed for the construction of a new stadium. It is incomprehensible to the group that in times of climate change and increasing environmental problems such a building project is even being considered.

The fan organization Sudkurve calls on all Cologne fans to join their position and protest against the construction of a new stadium. Together, they say, we can send a signal for the preservation of the existing stadium and for the protection of Cologne’s environment.

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