Tax benefits create incentives

Tax benefits create incentives

The city of bad kissingen declares the old town and the adjacent area to the east a redevelopment area. This has advantages especially for homeowners in the area. According to paragraph 7h of the income tax law, in formally designated redevelopment areas, "up to nine percent of the cost of construction in the year of construction and each of the following seven years, and up to seven percent of the cost of construction in each of the following four years, may be deducted for modernization and repair work" tax deduction. By designating redevelopment areas, municipalities can provide incentives for private renewal projects in areas in need of redevelopment.

The topic of protecting the healing springs was also included in the formulation of goals for the designation of redevelopment areas with the citizens in mind, explained mayor kay blankenburg. This made it possible, for example, to claim costs for the renewal of house connections as part of the upcoming sewer renovation in the city center.

Unanimous decision

The city council passed the following resolutions unanimously on wednesday. The area between balthasar-neumann-promenade in the west, maxstrabe (with a bend towards the promenade at the corner of theresienstrabe) in the north, von-hessing-strabe in the east and ludwigstrabe in the south belongs to the redevelopment area old town. The extension area of the old town adjoins the maxstrabe, is bordered to the east by the hemmerichstrabe and includes an additional area bordered by the dapperstrabe, the strabe am zuckberg, part of the pfaffstrabe, fruhlingstrabe, theaterplatz, martin-luther-strabe and a piece of prinzregentenstrabe.

The previously designated redevelopment area at the muhlbach is abolished. This area will fall in the future in the two new redevelopment areas. The city wants to tackle the designation of a redevelopment area also in the area of application of the spa area statutes, which was also announced on wednesday.

Municipal demand

The city wants to make private redevelopment projects even more attractive by extending a municipal demand program to the two areas. The volume of this program, however, is rather modest. The administration's proposal for 2018 called for a total of 20,000 euros, with a maximum of 10,000 euros per individual project. So this year two projects could be demanded. 60 percent of the demand will also be reimbursed to the city through the municipal demand program. Gunter gotz (DBK) called this "a drop in the bucket". At his instigation, the specific amount of the funding is to be reconsidered during budget deliberations.

In principle, the municipal program calls for the preservation and design of residential and commercial buildings with townscape character, especially facades, windows, doors, roofs, walls, gates or driveways. The city also subsidized the creation or redesign of squares, courtyards or spaces with public impact, for example, through greening or unsealing. New lighting accents, for example by illuminating and visually highlighting prominent buildings, were also worthy of the city's support. 

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