Treasurer for life?

Treasurer for life?

"It is an honor for me to be able to recognize five longstanding members today," said walter loschky, chairman of the kitzingen automobile club (AMC), as he strode to the high point of the christmas party. Loschky awarded ADAC honorary pins to herbert thommes after 60 years and to erich kiefer, dieter kleine and fritz reinisch, each after 50 years of club loyalty. The chairman made clear that such loyal members are the backbone of the AMC kitzingen as well as of the ADAC.

"I greatly appreciate our very dedicated comrade-in-arms hans piller," declared the chairman as he launched into a eulogy for piller. For he is always in the front line and has been treasurer of the club for 40 years. The late ex-chairman heinz behnke had once said: "hans, with your accuracy and reliability you must remain our treasurer for life."Nothing to add to this sentence.

Since hans piller had already received all possible honors, the chairman presented the passionate skier with a gift certificate for the zillertal arena.

Walter loschky looked back on an eventful year in the club pub esbach-hof, in which the motor sportsmen had achieved numerous successes (we reported). The group of oldtimer friends has been very active, and rudolf sporer from marktbreit has been flying the AMC flag for a few years, even in the B-national team of riders of very old motorcycles.

The latest event of the ADAC local club is the main-motor-classics, which successfully went over the stage for the second time this year under the direction of the vice chairman rainer gutzeit. "Organizing an event of this magnitude requires a lot of expertise and commitment," said walter loschky, praising his deputy.

In addition, hans-rainer kienberger again organized his big oldtimer meeting in the ratherieder muhle, there was the mayblutensuchfahrt, monthly club meetings, a seniors’ trip and excursions to an oldtimer museum in thalmassing and to the ziller valley.

York falkenberg and hugo brennfleck were responsible for five trips in the french homeland and also to the day of the french in kitzingen the club contributed with a vehicle parade. Together with lothar pfeuffer, the AMC organized an event on the topic of "myths of electromobility", the members went on a guided tour of marktbreit with marktbreit’s oldtimer master walter hartlein, and hartlein organized the oldtimer meeting at the marktbreit church fair.

Walter loschky paid tribute to all his colleagues on the board and committed members as well as gonners like eckhard himmel, who helped to make the club life very lively. The chairman thanked the young musicians hannah margraf, rebecca schobert and julian schobert from the music school kitzingen, who played at the christmas party.

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