Vdk is a strong and active association in himmelkron

Vdk is a strong and active association in himmelkron

Honors for many years of loyalty and commitment to the vdk bavaria were at the forefront of the annual general meeting of the himmelkron-gossenreuth local association. For 30 years of membership elsa frytkowsky was thanked by the treasurer alfred baumgartner, mayor gerhard schneider, chairman walter herrmann and supervisor gabi michel with the loyalty pin in gold and a present.

25 years of service are herbert and susanne ernst, walter herrmann, inge and joachim krause, peter lauterbach and georg meisel. Klaus gabelein, ursula hartmann, gisela heibinger, florian herrmann, ivan hleb, dieter hornfeck, markus konig, elisabeth john, dorothea schmidt and karl-heinz tischler look back on ten years of service and were rewarded with the silver loyalty pin. Andreas breitling was elected to the advisory board of the association.

In his annual report, walter herrmann put the current number of members of the local association at 260 people. He looked back on a very active and lively association. According to him, the monthly meetings are very popular and often attract more than 60 people.

The vdk was represented in large numbers at the allee festival in baille-maille-allee and at the "day of the generations to the beer festival in kulmbach. "The vdk senior citizens' carnival was certainly a highlight of our calendar of events. The hall was shaking", walter herrmann took stock.

Rough thanks

The local chairman thanked his deputy christine beier, treasurer horst beier, and the caretakers around gabi michel. The collectors received high praise for the results of the "help heal wounds" campaign with 2416 euro. The ladies also received praise for their care of the war memorials in gossenreuth and himmelkron.

"For the advent celebration, more than 100 christmas packages were packed and distributed to the members of the himmelkroner homes and senior citizens' homes." gabi michel thanked her two deputies, heidi weig and renate herrmann, for their experienced support and help. Treasurer horst beier showed an orderly cash balance of the vdk local association.

Proud of the number of members

Mayor gerhard schneider (CSU) looked at a strong and very ruhrigen local association and was proud that this has now grown to 260 members. The social association cares ruefully for its members and thus also for the weak ones. Schneider announced the installation of five car-sharing banks in himmelkron and its suburbs. District treasurer alfred baumgartner reported about 700,000 members in bavaria and 8600 members in the district. He thanked everyone for the work and care in the field. 

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