Volunteer fire department honors long-serving members

Volunteer fire department honors long-serving members

The reports at the general meeting of the volunteer fire department showed that the local fire department was ready for action at any time. Also for the club life was a lot offered.

After his funeral, chairman jan millitzer noted a slight decline in membership to 103. The local fire brigade consists of 27 active members, one youth, 67 passive members and eight honorary members. In his review, he looked back on the st. John's bonfire with the dedication of the two new vehicles, among other things.

Secretary dominik strenglein read the minutes of the last general meeting and treasurer jurgen witzgall gave a detailed look at the finances of the fire department. He informed the members about a small minus, which he saw however in the acquisition of a red box, a navi for the TSF-W, justified.

Commander sascha rauh reported 17 fire operations in the past year, for which 294 hours were spent. Further he communicated a technical assistance with 60 hours and ten exercises with 265 hours. 390 hours were spent on other activities such as training, courses and security patrols. In total, the FF unterlangenstadt spent 1009 hours.

Mayor christian mrosek spoke about the friendly cooperation over the years during his time as mayor, which is coming to an end. Above all he thanked for the employment at the building and the operational readiness of the local fire brigade. He saw the reason for the multiple deployments in the readiness to be alarmed. "Together we have achieved good results", he concluded his greeting. KBM tobias winterbauer informed about news in the district as well as digitalization.

Together millitzer, his deputy jens schmitter and commander rauh honored members of the association for many years of loyalty to the F unterlangenstadt. The certificate was awarded to rainer engel for 25 years, thomas martin and helmut biesenecker for 40 years and reinhold wittmann for 60 years. The members elected christian sonnenschein as a further auditor alongside claudia hoh. From the meeting came the suggestion for a renewed wine trip. 

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