Weismain schoolchildren create the forest of the future

Instead of "fridays for future" this week, the abt knauer elementary school in weismain was given the message: "monday to thursday for the forest of the future". The idea for the planting campaign had come from principal heike witzgall and the head of the weismain environmental station, michael stromer.

Hardwood planting pushed

The new head of the weismain forest district of the bavarian state forestry commission, samuel merz, was immediately enthusiastic about the idea: "the forest of the future concerns us all. Today’s children need a stable forest tomorrow as well." that’s why the pace of hardwood planting in the state forest was once again increased after the bark kafir damage of the last two years, and additional funds were specifically made available by the state government for this purpose.

"Climate neutral the course of the planting action was then also designed: the nearby forest department "furstenweg" could be reached also by the smallest well to fub. Here, forester samuel merz and forester ludwig wollner waited four days for two classes each of the weismain elementary school with planting tools and plenty of oak plants. The little planters were also accompanied by their teachers michael stromer and christian luplow from the environmental station. And everyone was on fire, just like the pros. After four mornings, exactly 160 new oaks stood firmly in the forest floor.

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